What drives you, and what drives your driver? Still, whether you’re hitting the links at Augusta or one of your local courses, a good driver’s an absolute must if you’re serious about golf. Enter the Callaway Maverik Driver. It’s a great way to get your ball to the green, but does that give you a green light to get it? Let’s take a closer look at this product and see what it brings to golfers everywhere. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate link in which our site get commission for marketing their products. This commission is in no way passed on to you, the buyer.  

MVP of the MOI

The Mavrik is specially designed for golfers looking to hit long while reducing slices. It has a large MOI, or “moment of inertia,” which measures how forgiving a driver is in terms of how much momentum it has when you swing it and how much resistance it offers. 

When golf balls are hit with the toe of the club, the face often twists open. By contrast, when the ball’s hit with the heel of the club, the face often twists closed. The result either way is that the ball slices offline. It can also lose speed due to this less-than-direct hit. 

MOI is thus more forgiving and can help you launch the ball higher farther without fear of slicing. 

All of this makes the MAX Mavrik model, which offers the most MOI, an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve this part of their game. It features two interchangeable weights of 14 and 2 grams, which allows you a bit more flexibility in determining how much weight you want to place in the heel. Opting for the heavier weight can create a bigger draw bias, while putting that weight in the back can maximize MOI. 

A.I.-Designed Face for Extra Fast Performance 

It’s fair to say that artificial intelligence is the way of the future, and that extends to the golf links as well. Mavrik’s A.I.-designed golf club features a Flash Face SS20, which can generate greater ball speed to shoot it farther faster, making it that much easier to reach the green. 

High-Strength FS2S Titanium 

One of the most important things to look for in a driver or, indeed, any golf club is how strong it is, and the Callaway Maverik Max Driver is no exception. On the other hand, another vital quality of drivers is being able to strike a balance between strength and weightiness. Too lightweight and it won’t be strong enough to shoot the ball far, or else won’t feel substantial in your hand. Too heavy, however, and you’ll have a hard time swinging it accurately. Golf is a game of inches and finesse, and whacking a ball like a caveman with a club isn’t going to cut it in your quest to “make the cut” come tournament time. 

Thankfully, the Callaway Maverik Max Driver strikes this balance perfectly with FS2S titanium, which is both extremely strong and 6 grams lighter than the titanium used in traditional clubs. As with the MOI for the club itself, this promotes greater forgiveness, speed, and spin. 

Callaway Maverik Jailbreak Bars 

Adding to that speed and forgiveness even more are two internal jailbreak bars. These connect the sole with the crown and, as a result, help the ball travel even faster. This helps make the club lighter than other models, which is one of the reasons why this club is so easy to swing and thus allows you to shoot the ball even farther down the fairway. 

Satisfying Sound and Field 

There is nothing quite the same as the satisfaction that comes from connecting with the ball just perfectly. That’s true of ball-and-bat sports, ball-and-racket sports and most certainly true for golf. A good player can usually tell the success of a shot both by the feel of the club and the sound it makes as the ball leaves the clubface. 

Thankfully, this model from Callaway captures that satisfaction perfectly. The ball simply sounds and feels fantastic coming off the club. 

Comparing The 3 Callaway Maverik Models 

Callaway Mavrik: 

Mid launch 

Mid spin 

Slight draw 

460 cc head size 

58-degree lie angle 

No interchangeable weights 

Callaway Mavrik Max: 

High launch 

Mid spin 

Either a slight or mixed draw depending on the configuration 

460 cc head size 

59-degree lie angle 

No Cyclone Aero Shape 

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero: 

Low launch 

Low spin 

Neutral draw 

450 cc head size 

56-degree lie angle 

No Cyclone Aero Shape 

In Conclusion 

Mark Twain didn’t actually say that “golf is a good walk spoiled.” Whoever said it, however, your driver shouldn’t spoil your shot. With these fantastic, lightweight, tenacious clubs from Mavrik, you can swing faster and smoother while going longer than ever before. 


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