Christina Kim has five professional triumphs and been on the Solheim Cup team, but she’s also had to deal with injuries and long dry spells. Despite the hardships of life on the road and the bravery with which she has shared her mental health struggles, Kim is far from finished. She has reshaped her body and game to give herself the best possible chance to compete this week in Toledo, where the LPGA resumes play.

Kim started the Keto diet in August 2019 and has shed 60 pounds since then. Her swing has improved as well; she’s gained 7 mph clubhead speed and 11 mph ball speed, resulting in 15 additional yards on her drives.

She had already started losing weight when she first met with performance coach Ryan Blackburn, it was already affecting how her body reacted in her swing. Simply put, Kim needed greater strength and more athleticism. Blackburn wanted to help her get into more efficient golf swing positions.

To create a strong foundation, I did a lot of lunges and single-leg training. It also required her to relearn how to sequence her movements properly. Kim had a tendency to sway rather than rotate around her center. Because she couldn’t physically get to the ball, she’d wind up shoving her hips into the ball at impact.

She can now keep her stance and rotate her spine, resulting in a more consistent and firm strike. She’s also become more conscious of her foot pressure and gains leverage by feeling the ground.
Also, she doesn’t mind if her shorts show a tiny bit of her newly defined quad muscle.

Kim recognizes that the bigger battle is mental, despite how hard she has worked on her physique. “It’ll assist me more than anything else if I can get my mind in a nice place,” Kim says.

She has fought with depression in the past, and she was simply exhausted when the 2019 season ended. Her goal wasn’t so much to lose weight as it was to change her lifestyle in the hopes of feeling better mentally.

“I’ve dedicated my time to give myself the best chance to perform better. It doesn’t mean I’ll succeed, but at the very least I’ll know I tried everything,” Kim said.

While the LPGA was shut down due to the coronavirus, the Christina Kim transformation intensified. Kim jumped into the spotlight as a voice on PGA Tour Live and on social media while her contemporaries hunkered down.

Christina Kim has thoroughly enjoyed her time as a PGA Tour Live broadcaster. Karen Stupples also works in broadcasting and was pleased to see Kim emerge as a unique new voice on the PGA Tour’s streaming services. “Having more female voices on the PGA Tour coverage is significant,” Stupples says. “In the end, if a woman does her job effectively, she becomes a respected voice in the industry, and that can begin to affect people’s perceptions of women’s golf in general.” When male fans hear Judy [Rankin], Dottie [Pepper], or Christina dissect the game, I believe they think to themselves, “Wow, these gals really know what they’re talking about,” and it has an a positive impact.

During the LPGA’s hiatus, the Christina Kim social media presence has been outstanding. She was an early Twitter adopter more than a decade ago, but has since become disillusioned with the platform.

She’s been interacting with both fans and opponents recently. If you ever wonder what she’s up to while she’s not broadcasting, it’s likely that she’s tweeting. However, she has fun with it, not the run-of-the-mill business that other golfers use social media to market their flawlessly curated brand. Kim is real, raw, and honest.

She’s adoring her recent accomplishments, and even her reactions to trolls exude a contagious excitement.

Kim isn’t perfect all of the time, but perfection has never been her goal. Kim describes herself as “the type of person that leaps into things and learns later.” (To her long list of abilities, add acute self-awareness.) She rises to the difficulties that are put her way, and she is forgiving of herself when she makes mistakes.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” is a recurrent theme of hers. ― has an uncanny ability to put things into perspective.

Referring to her decision to change her physical appearance: “I literally just ate a bunch of avocados and thought to myself, ‘What could possibly go wrong?'”

“I assumed I’d see what it was about, and the worst that could happen is it wouldn’t work out,” she says of her search for a performance coach.

“What’s the worst that might happen?” referring to her broadcasting job. “They don’t return my call?” They clearly did, and they will continue to do so. She has decided that her PGA Tour Live voice can wait for now. Kim is dead set on being the player she used to be. It’s just a little different.

That is precisely what makes Kim so inspiring. Whatever life throws at her, she is able to adapt and come out stronger as a result. On a personal and professional level, she continues to learn and improve. Kim appears to have reinvented herself from the outside, but she is truly in an ongoing change mode, which the rest of us are only now noticing.

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