Distance Golf Ball Buying Guide Top 10


Using a distance golf ball is a great way to add distance off of the tee. This distance golf ball buying guide will help you find the distance golf ball that fits you and you swing. Up your game a little and go the distance.



Two Piece Golf Balls

The most popular option is two-piece balls, which are preferred by the majority of golfers. This is due to the fact that it provides superior shot distance, a stronger feel, and more durability. This model is used by high-disabled players, those with slow swing speeds, and beginners.

These versions have a two-layer thin shell that conceals a larger core. A cut-proof and durable blended cover conceals the solid core, which includes high energy resin or acrylate. It increases the distance of this ball by reducing the slice and hook of the tee. Following that, it is covered with Surlyn or a comparable substance.

The club’s two-piece structure increases the amount of energy it can transfer to the ball. It, in turn, gives shots more power and propels the ball forward for greater distance. However, as compared to the softer feel choices, they are not as easy to handle and do not spin as much. Titleist Velocity, Srixon Soft Feel, and The Bridgestone e5 are the top two-piece models.


Three-Piece Golf Balls

The three-piece construction ball is the most popular among weekend golfers as well as the world’s greatest tour pros. These golf balls feature an additional layer between the cover and the core that gives a “feel” layer that makes them particularly responsive when pitching and chipping around the greens, which is preferred by more experienced players. Surlyn plastic, which is less expensive, or urethane plastic, which is more common and more expensive, can be used to cover these three-layer balls.

The three-layer construction allows ball designers to produce more options of flight characteristics, feel, and spin combinations than a two-piece ball, resulting in more ball design variations and a higher retail price. The three-layer construction can be seen in several “Soft” and “Supersoft” golf balls.


Four-Piece Golf Balls

Every layer, as well as a piece for the four-piece ball, might have its own unique and diverse targets. Some of the layers can work together to give this ball a wonderful hitting sensation and a delicate feel.

The robust middle rubber of the inner core, the first layer of the ball, is primarily designed to offer the ideal distance, particularly for the driver. The inner core layer with the ball is responsible for transferring energy from the strike to the hot core.

Aside from that, the middle cover is an extra layer on top of the three-piece ball. Furthermore, it can give you with the full layer, which aims to increase the distance of the driver while also making the center iron spin or filling near the green. The golf ball’s sensation is transmitted through the external cover. This is the thinnest layer, which is made of urethane and contains between 350 and 400 dimples. Then there’s the possibility that it’ll be both long-lasting and gentler.


Five-Piece Golf Ball

If you thought four-piece balls were excessive, you’ll be disappointed by their more complex five-piece cousins. The TaylorMade TP5 is the quintessential five-layered ball, and it was also the first five-piece product to hit the market in 2009.

Essentially, it has the same concept as the four-piece — more layers allow for a staggered compression series for maximum performance.

The latest version of the TP5 has a 28 percent less compressed compression core than its predecessor, resulting in less driver spin and more distance. Meanwhile, the ball’s ultra-soft urethane cover ensures that it stays spinny and responsive even on short shots.

In the end, you’ll have to decide whether the difference between the four-piece and five-piece models and the more common three-piece models is significant.

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