A distance golf ball is simply meant to go farther than non-distance balls. There are several aspects to consider while in the market to find a golf ball that fits your swing. Here, we are going over all of the things that encompass a distance golf ball.


What To Consider When Buying A Distance Golf Ball:


Number of layers

The number of layers on a golf ball affects its performance. A 2 layer ball often has a harder cover and is meant for higher handicap players with lower swing speeds.

It offers control off the tee and increased distance compared to multilayer balls. On the other hand, a 3 or more layered ball is designed for players looking for a good balance of distance, feel, and shot control.



The compression of a golf ball is the measure of how the ball deforms when hit by a club.

A low-compression golf ball will feel harder, while a high-compression ball will deform more but has a better control for shaping shots.

High-compression balls are generally recommended for low-handicap golfers since they maximize control but don’t lose distance due to a higher swing speed.

In contrast, a low-compression ball is designed for players with slower swing speed, who need more distance off the tee. Lower compression also means lower spin rates that decrease the amount a ball will hook or slice.

Hard Or Soft Cores

The hardness or softness of a golf ball will also affect its performance and distance. Simply put, harder golf balls will fly farther than softer golf balls. However, this will make it difficult to control trajectory and has less side spin for shot shaping.



The cover of a golf ball also affects it’s distance. A harder cover, such as surlyn, will cause the ball to travel farther and have green side spin when paired with a 3-layered core.

In contrast, a softer cover such as syrlin can provide more control and is better for shot shaping.

For pure distance, a surlyn cover would suit you best.



The durability of distance balls is pretty high, mostly due to the hard ionomer cover.
When compared to urethane, which is softer and the higher compression core that goes along with it, damage and scuffs most likely won’t be the end of your distance ball.


Usually a lower price point due to the low cost of materials, distance balls are a little cheaper than balls like the Titleist ProV1.

Surlyn is cheap and easy to make and distance golf balls usually have only 2 or sometimes 3 layers making the production easier and cost of materials lower.


What is the ideal distance golf ball?

The ideal golf ball is one that supplements your game (i.e. the conditions you play, type and difficulty of the course, swing speed, etc.).


Do distance balls go farther?

Yes, distance golf balls are designed to fly farther than other golf balls. It is accomplished using more rigid materials such as surlyn to help the ball achieve longer distances when hit with a club. Factors such as hardness or softness, and cover can also influence how far a distance golf ball will travel.


Do golf balls make a difference in golf?

Yes, golf balls can significantly impact your game, depending on various factors, including the type of ball, swing speed, playing style, and environmental conditions such as wind or humidity.

Choosing the right golf ball for your needs can help you achieve better results out on the course, from longer distances to improved accuracy and control.


Which is the best distance ball for you?

My pick for  best distance ball for most golfers is the Top Flite BOMB. It is a 2-layer ball with a hard cover and low-compression.

It offers exceptional distance and accuracy and a soft feel that provides excellent control around the greens. The cover is made from Surlyn to ensure durability.

If you are looking for the best distance ball for your game, ensure it satisfies the features we have covered in this article.


Final thoughts

Distance golf balls are designed to fly farther and achieve longer distances than other golf balls. Hardness, compression, and cover are all factors that play a role in shot distance.

Ultimately, the best distance ball for your game will depend on your individual needs and preferences as a golfer.

Whichever type of ball you choose, make sure it fits your specific playing style and swing speed to get the most out of your game.

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