You don’t need everything on the golf gadget list you’re about to read. But at least one of the golf accessories on this list will improve the quality of your golfing life. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate link in which our site get commission for marketing their products. This commission is in no way passed on to you, the buyer.  

Whether you’re tired of carrying four individual clubs on approach or want to cut virtually all walking out of your round, we have a solution for you.

  • Rival & Revel Silo Club Carrier
  • Tin Cup Ball Marker Stencil
  • Cigar Minder Clip
  • GolfJOC CigarKaddy
  • Swiss Army GolfTool
  • BallBrite Golf Ball Cleaner
  • Athletico Golf Shoe Bag
  • Athletico Golf Truck Organizer
  • Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder
  • Golf Game Dartboard
  • Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors
  • Finn Scooters

Our idea for the best golf accessories of 2020 revolves around innovation and utility. Some of the items on our list are well-trodden concepts like the Athletico golf shoe bag. But the Athletico shoe bag brings quality and versatility to the shoe-bag market.

Other items on our list, like the club carrier and the Finn Scooter, totally revolutionize aspects of the game no one considered before they came along.

When you find the item or items on this list that gets your juices flowing, feel free to search around other sites and look for something better. We’ll bet that, unless you’re looking to spend much less on a rangefinder, for example, you’ll circle right back to the item we suggested.


Rival & Revel Silo Club Carrier

Rival & Revel Silo Club Carrier

Rival & Revel Silo Club Carrier

You can vividly recall the last cart-path-only outing when you landed your ball on the non-cart-path side of the broadest fairway you’ve ever played. Either you carried four clubs across the fairway and chased your ball to the hole, or you ripped your bag off the cart and carried them the rest of the way.

The Rival & Revel Silo Club Carrier gives you a non-clanky method of carrying up to six clubs and three tees on those long treks when you don’t need the whole bag. The Silo is perfect for walking a few holes after work, heading to the range to hit a few balls, or for an approach carrier.

For around $35, the Silo comes in 14 color options with a magnetic, double-sided ball marker.
Rival & Revel complemented the elimination of club chatter while walking with the device’s ability to stand on its own with three or more clubs inserted.

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Tin Cup Ball Marker Stencil

Tin Cup Ball Marker Stencil

Tin Cup Ball Marker Stencil

Customize your ball with a personalized logo or place your alignment design of choice on every ball you use with Tin Cup’s ball marker stencil.

The Virginia-based company formed in 2009 to help golfers adhere to USGA ball marking rules with ease and style. Tin Cup guarantees its stainless-steel stencils for life.

You can opt from many in-stock items, mostly listed at $20.95. They also offer customization options ranging from $49 to $125.

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Cigar Holders


Cigar Cigar rated the Cigar Minder Clip as their cigar holder of choice on the golf course.

At $10, the Cigar Minder Clip clips to almost anything and holds up to a 54-ring gauge cigar.

If you need a way to keep your cigar off the ground away from wet grass and chemicals, the GolfJOC CigarKaddy delivers a four-in-one option for $10. The cigar holder and clip perform green repair as a divot tool and holds your club grip above ground to keep it dry. It easily attaches to your belt buckle for sleek transport.

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Swiss Army GolfTool


Swiss Army delivers the perfect tool for golfers to easily carry during a round. The GolfTool offers 10 functions and red or black color variety at around $60.

The functions include:

  • Removable Ball marker
  • Tee punch for hard or frozen ground
  • Green repair tool
  • Large blade
  • Groove cleaner
  • Bottle opener
  • Nail file
  • Scissors
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers

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BallBrite Golf Ball Cleaner

BallBrite Golf Ball Cleaner

BallBrite Golf Ball Cleaner

COVID-19 managed to streamline golf in a few ways, but it also took away conveniences like ball washers on many courses. BallBrite not only solves the temporary problem but also gives us a great solution beyond the pandemic.

For $25, the machine-washable, golf-ball cleaner fits into your pocket or clips onto your bag. Add two tablespoons of water before your round to activate the Xtreme WeatherWick technology that keeps the inside wet for cleaning and the outer neoprene layer dry.

BallBrite offers black, platinum, and pink options for this durable three-layer, four-way-stitched design. You can also customize your cleaner with company logos or other designs.

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For golfers in need of portable organization, Athletico has you covered with affordable options. They also guarantee their products with 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Athletico Shoe Bag


Athletico Golf Shoe Bag

Golf shoe bags can add some structure to your vehicle’s cargo area and keep your vehicle cleaner.

Athletico’s golf shoe bag costs $20 and includes side pockets for tees, balls, socks, or other accessories you need to store. Built-in ventilation of the 600DF Denier polyester fabric construction keeps odors dissipating while maintaining durability.

This shoe bag works with any style shoe up to a men’s size 15 and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Athletico Trunk Organizer

Athletico Trunk Organizer

Athletico Trunk Organizer

If you need more than a shoe bag, Athletico’s trunk organizer keeps all your golf gear from rolling to the far corners of your vehicle’s cargo space.

You can store shoes, balls, tees, gloves, hats, shirts, pants, and virtually anything else in this 17″ wide x 13″ deep x 9″ high organizer. The $40, 60D organizer, made up of Oxford fabric with reinforced sidewalls, contains built-in grommets for added ventilation.

All dividers are entirely adjustable and removable giving you the autonomy to customize for your storage needs.

When not in use, the organizer easily wipes clean and folds flat for storage.

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Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder

Virtually everyone agrees that the Bushnell Pro XE leads the golf rangefinder category. called the Pro XE the “best rangefinder for golfers who have everything.” Golf Digest, Golf Monthly, Dick’s Sporting Goods, My Golf Spy, and Two Golf Guys all agreed, ranking the Pro XE highly for precision and ease of use.

Golf Digest found switching between distance and slope-factored distance simple and effective. The

Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder app

Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder App

Bushnell Golf App that comes along with the Bushnell Pro XE includes impressive 3D flyovers and hole layouts and distances for over 36,000 courses.

Claimed to be the best-in-class for yardage, performance, accuracy, and consistency by Bushnell with more than 97% of PGA Tour pros using it.

At around $550, the fully-waterproof Pro XE factors distance, temperature, barometric pressure, and slope for true “play as” distance.

More budget-friendly options exist from Bushnell and other companies. Still, a Pro XE investment looks to prove its value for years to come.

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Golf Game Dartboard


Darts offer excellent competitive entertainment when you can’t be on the course. Combine darts with golf, and you’ve found the perfect solution to rainy, cold winter days or late nights.

Jay Stoltz of Roanoke, Virginia, handmakes a nine-hole dartboard and sends it to you with 3 darts and game instructions for $120.

The rules mirror golf with each missed shot moving you closer to the board and dealing out penalties for striking hazards or out-of-bounds areas.

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Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors


Arccos provides you a virtual caddie at $180. The 14 Caddie Smart Sensors attach to the grip off all your clubs and automatically track shots giving you smart-distance club averages.

The A.I.-powered rangefinder adjusts to the real-time wind, slope, temperature, humidity, and altitude. After your first five rounds with Arccos, you begin to receive caddie advice.

The Caddie Smart Sensors require a yearly subscription, which may come with the purchase, but it offers Strokes Gained Analytics. The analytics highlights strengths and weaknesses while guiding your practice and equipment choices.

If you play with any frequency, the Arccos ought to deliver the best return on investment you’ve experienced in golf.

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Finn Scooters

Whether they admit it or not, everyone loves riding a scooter. Finn Scooters decided they want to add scooter level fun to golf for a more efficient method of getting around 18 holes. They promise to shave 7.5 minutes off of each hole played using the Finn Scooter.

If you play golf in the right location, you can rent one via Finn’s rental app. Purchasing one will cost around $3,500.

It may sound Ludacris, but Forbes, Golf Channel, and Golf Digest all endorsed the scooter.

The personal golf machine derives much of its riding comfort and stability from your golf bag sitting on the centerline of its lightweight-aluminum frame with a low center of gravity.

Finn’s internally-geared hub cranks out enough torque to tackle any golf-course hill. It should last 600-1,000 charging cycles before performance severely suffers.

Added style comes from the driver-head inspired kickstand and several color options.

Picking Your Accessories

Maybe you’re looking to spend more money on the best golf accessories of 2020. If so, Hiconsumption has some impressive price points to check out.

The Golfzon Simulator reportedly costs around $25,000. If you want to spend more, the Rover Autonomous golf caddie will reportedly run you about $35,000.

There are always different options and varying price ranges. We just gave you a few we thought could improve your golfing life at a fair price. The Finn Scooter might be a bit much, but if nothing else, it’s a fun thought.

Go ahead and grab that item you know you’ll use every round. You’ll thank yourself next time you trek to the range with six clubs in your Silo or open your trunk to find all your golf equipment exactly where you left it.

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