Honma TR-20 Driver Product Review

Honma TR-20 Driver

Nobody wants to have subpar tools, equipment or gear. Golf is no different. If you want to play your best, you have to have clubs that match your swing. Each player has their differences and preferences. Stepping outside of what is trending may be what your swing needs. All which prepares us to tee off on the Honma TR-20 Driver. The TR-20 has a 440cc and a 460cc option. Winning a name for itself as a hot new driver, what’s behind this new reputation, and is it worth it?


Power From the Frame

First, this driver gets a ton of power and stability from its TiCarbon+Fast Frame technology. This Fast frame allows for a faster downswing and a consistent shot shape.   
The sturdy carbon-and-titanium frame allows a better transfer of energy at ball contact. It’s great to have a powerful driver or masterful swing but it’s possible to lose power in the downswing. When you actually make contact with the ball. The Honma TR-20 Driver allows you to transfer more power from your swing to where it counts – the ball.
One reason it is able to do this is the lightweight frame allows you to swing the driver in a fast and fluid motion. The carbon crown and graphite sole allow the driver to use its weight distribution. The power and speed of the Honma TR-20 comes from facilitating the swift, fluid motion of the driver head. This lightweight balance allows you to optimize speed.

Honma TR-20: In The Groove

Boosting the speed even more is the fact that this model boasts an internal groove. Combining this groove with the this club face can help you gain ball speed and accuracy.
Also, the grooved appearance of this model is quite eye-catching. Good looks without performance don’t count for much. But, this model has both and that counts off the tee.

Driver Club Head Weights

Honma tr20 driver heel of clubhead

Honma tr20 driver

As mentioned, you can adjust weights on the Honma TR-20 adding a greater degree of stability. Having a good pair with your driver and your swing is important to make your drives consistent.
The last thing you want when swinging your driver is to feel off balance or like you aren’t in full control of the club. This may cause you to hook, slice or top the ball down the fairway.
Instead, the adjustable weights allows you to have greater control over the draw bias and/or spin.

Solid Alignment

It is important to make sure your golf clubs are as balanced as possible, and also true for your driver. The Honma TR-20 has you covered with non-rotating hosel technology. Keeping the shaft in alignment with the club face, makes your drives more controlled.

Unique Shape

This model has a Takumi shape, which is both elegant and effective. Made in Japan, these shafts are especially strong and allow more control over your shot.

The Honma TR-20 Driver: In Conclusion

To be honest, there is a lot to like about the Honma TR-20 Driver. Starting with the fact that it is well made and stable. Many drivers on the market promise stability but what they deliver is not what they promised.
With the Honma TR-20 you know where you stand and what you’re getting. Consistency is the key to a quality golf game, and that is what you get with this model.
Honma has added extra speed and power to this elegant design of masterful Japanese craftsmanship. It’s no wonder why this driver is starting to get serious attention from golfers of all skill levels.


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