Izzo Golf High Roller Golf Bag

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Being able to golf while traveling is both a luxury and a treat. When given the opportunity to do so, you have to be prepared. First and foremost, what good is a golf trip if your clubs don’t make it there? That’s where Amazon’s Choice product, the Izzo Golf high Roller Golf Bag takes over. 

Izzo Golf has a great reputation as being one of the best travel golf bags on the market. We are about to find out exactly what all the hype is about. This article will focus on the Pros and Cons that confirmed purchasers have pointed out to help you make an informed decision on whether this bag is the right fit for you.



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Izzo Golf High Roller Golf Bag

Manufacturer Highlights


  • Golf Travel Covers: Our golf bag travel case handles your basic transport needs at an affordable price
  • Unique Design: Designed to fit most golf bags, our golf travel case is made from tear-resistant 1680D nylon and has internal EVA protective panels that help absorb impact
  • Spacious: Our golf travel covers have a spacious interior and foldable design for holding a full-size cart bag with clubs for convenient storage; they have a 6-wheel base and can be moved vertically using 4 swivel wheels or rolled on 2 in-line skate wheels
  • Specifications: The golf travel bag is foldable and easy to carry; it expands to 53 inches and collapses to 12 inches



Reasons To Buy Reasons TO Buy

  • It rolls really well walking through the airport. I walked with it in the upright position and it strolled right along with me quite nicely.
  • The durability is great. After several trips there are no wear marks and my clubs have been in good condition when they got there.

Reasons To Buy Reasons NOT To Buy

  • Support shafts bent during the first trip. Possibly due to rough handling at the airport but it was unrepairable. A durable club cover is the reason I bought this cover and it did not do the job well.
  • There were a couple of tears in the bag by the time we got home from our first trip.
  • Lack of stability. It tipped over countless times while pulling it behind me on two wheels. it would hit a small imperfection on the ground and flip over. almost made me trip a couple of times.


Our Thoughts On The Izzo Golf High Roller Golf Bag

As with most products, there are people that love an item and another person will have a completely opposite experience.

This product did not have many reviews which begs to question, just how did this item get rated as a “Choice Product?”

This is not a product that we can recommend to any of our readers because it has not made much of a name for itself. I would say purchase with caution if this is a product that you MUST own.

The price point is a little high compared to a lot of travel bags. I think there are a lot of things features put into this golf travel cover that Izzo expects a return.

That logic makes sense but it seems they just did not follow up with durability. I would say that is the leading concern when traveling with your clubs.

Even with several good things to say about the Izzo Golf High Roller Bag, it may not be a bad idea to explore other options.

Almost every Izzo Golf bag that I have seen has been a solid product but I am not sure that this one will fit that mold.

Other options that I would consider are:


Mizuno CG Collegiate Golf Travel Bag

Sun Mountain Golf ClubGlider Meridian Club Cover Travel Bag

Izzo Golf High Roller Bag Product Specs


Brand: Izzo

ASIN Number: B07B8SJ5RX

Dimensions: 17.25×14.6×14 inches

Department: Sports/Outdoors

More About The Izzo Golf High Roller Bag



Having a material that is better than it’s competitors is always a comforting thought. The Izzo High Roller is made of a tear-resistant 1680D nylon whereas a lot of soft sided travel covers use 600D or 900D.



One important feature is the ability to fold up the Izzo Golf High Roller when it is not in use. The Izzo Golf High Roller folds up from an expanded 53 inches to 12 inches.

Travel covers are a great thing to have and serve a great purpose but 99.9% of the time that we own one, they are stored in the garage, attic, etc. just taking up space.



Being able to travel with all of your golf needs in the same place makes traveling that much easier. The Izzo Golf High Roller not only has pockets, but has enough space inside that allow for extras. Some people hae boasted that they even packed their golf clothing in there.



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