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The Maxfli Performance Series Tee is an effortless way to add distance and accuracy off the tee box. This plastic, three prong tee minimizes friction and takes away equipment flaws that take away your performance. This Amazon’s Choice product is at the top of the list for a reason. Here is an in-depth analysis of our experience and what verified buyers are saying about them.


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Maxfli Perormance Series Tee

Manufacturer Highlights


  • 40 3-1/4” tees, 10 1-1/2” tees
  • 4-prong design minimizes contact to maximize distance and accuracy
  • Less drag further enhances distance, Optimal Launch System promotes consistent height and launch
  • Cover the bottom band for higher launch, Cover the middle band for mid launch
  • Cover the top band for low launch, High visibility colors include blue, green, yellow, and orange


Reasons To Buy Reasons TO Buy

  • There was a more consistent distance on the first day that I used these. Coincidence? Possibly. But I like them enough that I walked back to the previous tee box when I realized that I left one there.
  • Durability is better than other tees I have played. I have played multiple rounds and only broken one this far.
  • My accuracy improved right away. It was drastic enough that I had to get used to it. My friend said the same thing. Never thought a tee could make that much of a difference.


Reasons To Buy Reasons NOT To Buy

  • They claim to be unbreakable but my experience says otherwise. I have bough a couple boxes of them and it seems like different batches maybe better than others.
  • Not easy to find in the grass after teeing off.
  • The size and look made them awkward. That may just be a personal thing but it bothered me as I was teeing off.


Our Thoughts On The Maxfli Performance Series Golf Tees

These tees have done exactly what the package says. A lot of people say that a golf tee is a golf tee. What can be special about a tee? A little more expensive than their competitors, the Maxfli Performance Series Tee has shown to be very durable. As long as your tee doesn’t go some outlandish distance after you tee off, you will most likely be able to use one for an entire round (or more).

Possibly a mind game, it seemed like there was less interference with my driver. I am not sure how I could test that to confirm but golf is a very mental game. If there is something that puts you in a good state of mind, that is a huge advantage.

A break down of reviews on Amazon says a lot. Out of 1,357 reviews, 83% of them (1,126) were 5-star reviews and 11% of them (150) were 1-star.

The number of Pros and Cons on our lists do not give the due credit of Reasons To Buy. The number of reviews that stated the same, or similar, things that golfers loved about these speaks wonders. If there are 1,126 people that are boasting the same features, that means something.

Our overall view of this product is undoubtedly a go-ahead and buy. With our own, first hand experience and that of so many others, there is a great chance that you are going to be telling your golf buddies about it.


Maxfli Performance Series Tee Product Specs


Brand: Maxfli Golf


Dimensions: ‎5.67 x 4.06 x 1.77 inches

Department: Sports/Outdoors

How Are Golf Tees Made?


The term “golf tee” has two different connotations. On a golf course, the tees are the areas where the holes begin, also known as the teeing ground. Three to five sets of tee markers are usually found on the teeing course. For their first shot, players must place their balls in a specific area on the teeing field. A golf tee is also the little contraption with a pointed one end and a concave other end, which is sometimes referred to as a peg. The pointed end of the stick is pushed into the ground by the player. He then puts his ball on the concave end of the tee and strikes it. On the teeing ground, tees can only be used at the start of each hole.


To tee up their balls, players in the 1800s utilized a little hill of sand or dirt. The elevation made it simpler to see and hit the ball. Sand boxes, as well as water and towels to wash the players’ hands, were available in the tee areas. Two Scotsmen, Arthur Douglas and William Bloxsom, are credited with inventing the first rubber portable tee. For increased stability, another Scotsman created a tee that could be pressed into the ground.

*Tees are permitted under the Rules of Golf, but only on the tee box.



The majority of modern tees are constructed of wood or plastic. There are biodegradable tees that, when left in the ground, add nutrients to the soil.

Although biodegradable tees may not appear to be a necessary step, tees frequently fly off and are lost when the ball is struck. They don’t degrade if they’re made of plastic. Wood decomposes, however painted wood takes a long time to disintegrate and return to the earth.

Plastic Tee

The plastic can be blended with reinforcers or colorings before being molded into pellets and fed into a hopper. The pellets are placed in an injection mold, where they melt and are driven into the recesses of the mold. The tees are expelled once the plastic has cooled. After removing any seam material from the molding, the tees are done. The tees can be customized with logos or personalization. After that, the tees are wrapped.

Wood Tee

The logs are chopped into slats once the bark is removed. The slats are cut into circular dowels that are quality-checked and bad ones removed. The dowel is cut into a rough tee form using a lath. A tool known as a trumpet is used to create the final shape. After the tee is produced, each tee is cut off the dowel. Sanding, painting, and drying are the next phases. In a drum, sanding takes place.

The sanded tees are sifted via a machine that removes the end dowel pieces and any tees that aren’t correctly formed. In drums that carry over 200,000 tees, paint is applied to the tees. The tees are exposed to paint every time the drum rotates. The painting procedure takes two hours, followed by two hours of drying time for the tees.


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