Mizuno ST-200 Driver: In Review

One of the most unique aspects of golf is that the choice of personal equipment on your part can have a profound impact on your performance. The right clubs can give your shots a great deal more distance, spin, and accuracy. Case in point, the Mizuno ST-200 driver. It has been engineered to up your driver game, getting you from the fairway to the green better than so many of the pretenders on the market. So what makes the Mizuno ST-200 driver a true contender, and how can it help raise your game to contending form? Let’s take a look.

A Quick Overview

The big deal with the Mizuno is its compacted Wave sole, which is a fancy way of saying that this driver does a lot to reduce drag. You may not think of golf as a fast-paced game, but the faster you get your ball onto the green, the better. Ball speed and better flight through the air is generated by a faster, smoother golf swing, which in turn is facilitated by a lack of drag. Just as airplanes work to reduce drag to help them slice through the air better, so too do good golf clubs work to do the same thing.

That’s the big takeaway from its compacted Wave sole design – it’s sleek and slices through the air without causing you to slice your shot.

The driver’s face features beta-rich titanium, which isn’t just sleek and streamlined but stronger than many other driver materials used by rival drivers.

However, unlike some of the other drivers on the market today, this model is not nearly as adjustable. In large part, what you see is what you get. That being said, however, it does have a fixed 11.6 g rear weight that can help reduce levels of spin. Anyone who has golfed before knows why this is essential. How much spin you have on the ball can make the difference between a perfectly placed ball on the green or your ball spinning right back out again. 

It may not be the flashiest addition ever, but this imbues the Mizuno with one of the most vital qualities any piece of sports equipment can have – consistency. When you hit a shot with this driver, you know where it’s going and what the spin is going to do to the ball, and that the spin in question won’t be too much. All of that allows you to swing with greater confidence and place your ball on the green with the kind of consistency you need to win.


ST-200 Head Shape and Weights

The shape of this club has been redesigned over the years with the help of players on the PGA Tour. As a result, it has had its crown flattened and its angle slightly flattened out as well.

In addition, while the vanilla Mizuno ST-200 driver model may not be very adjustable, the ST200G features 2 x 7g weights on the sole of the club that can help you add to or detract from the club’s spin rate.

This can also help increase the swing speed of the club and cut down on mishits.

The ST-200 Keeping it Simple

In addition to these features, there’s an additional X factor that speaks to this driver’s favor – it keeps things nice and simple. For all the bells and whistles in the modern golf game today, sometimes simpler and more streamlined really is better, and that’s definitely the case with the Mizuno ST-200 driver.

This driver produces a nice, simple, tinny sound when it comes off the club. It is also a lot lighter than many of the other drivers on the market, which is a nice touch and makes it that much easier for beginners and more advanced players to generate the speed and contact necessary to shoot that ball hundreds of meters down the fairway.

In Conclusion

Even if it doesn’t have the adjustability of some of the other clubs on the market, there are a lot of points in Mizuno's favor. That rear weight does a lot to make this driver a lot more forgiving. What’s more, if you really do care about adjustability, you can spend a little bit extra and spring for the ST-200G.

The big question with this model is its spin rate. On the one hand, it does generate more spin than other drivers, and if you aren’t used to that, it can get you in trouble fast. On the other hand, however, it’s remarkably consistent, so if spin is already part of your game or you are able to master it, this driver can give you a huge advantage on the fairway. 


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