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Mizuno made a good choice bringing the “T-Series” wedges back into production. This Teardrop Design is bigger than the blades usually found in PGA Tour bags has not stopped top tour professional from using them. Three different sole grinds and the Hydro-Flow grooves make the Mizuno T-20 Wedges a go-to greenside club in all conditions.


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Mizuno T-20 Wedge Highlights


  • Grain Flow Forged HD: The ultimate soft, solid, consistent feel is achieved with the Grain Flow Forged HD process, which enhances the Grain Flow Forging process by increasing grain density in the impact area.
  • 1025 Boron: a carbon steel with a 30% increase in strength
    Impact Harmonic Technology: Ideal impact feel and feedback are delivered by finely optimized head geometry.
  • Quad Cut Grooves: Milled wide/shallow grooves designed for higher lofts and narrow/deep grooves designed for stronger lofts.
  • Hydroflow Micro Grooves: In damp situations, laser etched microscopic grooves help channel moisture away.
  • Increased surface roughness on the face milling lines will increase spin closer to the green.
  • Loft/COG Flow: The wedge’s COG flows across the set for increased control and adaptability.
  • Matching bounce and sole grind creates the optimal level of adaptability.
  • Loft-Specific Head Shapes: Graduated head shapes from pitching wedge to lob wedge that are perfect for each wedge’s application
  • Weight placed high, discreetly within a tapered blade for increased spin and vertical stability from off center strikes
  • Grain flow forged HD: enhanced grain flow forging process that increases grain density in the impact area for the ultimate soft, solid, consistent feel
  • Shaft is a dynamic gold Tour issue S400 wedge shaft
  • Golf Pride Z Full Cord 60R Grip
  • Available in Chrome, Blue Ion Finish or Stain Finish



Reasons To Buy Reasons TO Buy


  • The looks alone won me over. They have a simple, classy design without a lot of extra insignia all over.
  • I will often play rounds in the early morning and heavy dew is a typical day. These Hydroflow grooves have given a significant difference to my short game.
  • I reaaly like the firm feel around the green. When I make contact with the ball, I can see and feel the ball response.
  • Some people do not like to use their weddges for a full swing shot. I am not one of those people and these wedges have a great feel for full shots. They are not a cavity back club but they feel as solid as one.
  • It may be the solid contact that I get (and love) but I am getting more spin from shots around the green. I have even noticed a difference in shots from the light rough.
  • I had a driver arrive at my front door that was so beat up, I had to return it. This wedge showed up in a really good protective packaging. It is a small thing but it makes a difference.
  • My Vokey wedges have been in my bag for quite a few years. I got these T-20 wedges as a Father’s Day gift and immediately saw a significant improement. I need all the help I can get!
  • These have been the most consistent wedges I have played. Maybe it is just a better match for my swing. When I have a wedge shot now, I only have to chose which wedge to use instead of which wedge and how far am I going to skull it?
  • The look of this club when adressing the ball has given extra confidence, plus the consistent shots I have been making. This club is a game changer.
  • You get exactly what you expect after reading reviews. There were no surprises and I got the exact results that other reviewers said I would.

Reasons To Buy Reasons NOT To Buy


  • The blue satin is not part of the metal. The blue started to wear off after a few rounds and a couple sand bunkers.
  • The sole grind did not work for me. This club won’t stay in my bag long.



Our Thoughts On The Mizuno T-20 Wedges


The Mizuno T-20 wedges have had golfers swearing by them for a couple of years for a reason. My own opinion, I can understand why they are still hot item. My personal experience with them goes along with what a lot of the positive reviews. They are consistent. The sound and feel doing a full swing were not my favorite but performance trumps all (in my opinon.) My shots were landing within 5-10 yards of each other and just a little to the left of center. I don’t think landing off the centerline was the clubs fault. My shots usually go in that flight. 

The shorter shots were even easier to control and the hard feel/sound went away. I chose a target distance that has been my nemisis (40 yards) to test out his T-20 wedge. After only a few practice shots, I started doing well with it. That alone made this a club I would not mind having in my bag. 

As mentioned before, reviews are a big part of buying pretty much anything online. The reviews we read were overwhelmingly positive. The few negative reviews we read across a dozen websites seemed to be from the buyer getting the wrong club. (Sole grind, bounce or degree) It can be difficult to do something out there on the course without the correct tools.



Mizuno T-20 Wedges Product Specifications


Brand: Mizuno

ASIN Number: B07VNGV43B

Dimensions:‎ 44 x 7 x 2.5 inches

Department: Sports/Outdoors

Mizuno T-20 Wedges


Hydroflow micro grooves

A great feature of the “T Series” wedges are the HydroFlow Micro Grooves. The Mizuno T-20 wedges will make those early morning rounds more of a pleasure than before. That bothersome morning dew will not rob you of a check up with greenside shots. Nobody likes to see a roller when you are asking for a check at the pin. Even in dry conditions, the Hydroflow Micro Grooves can add spin to your ball (depending on the type of shot you are playing.)

Sound and Feel

For those golfers that play a full swing with their wedges, the sound and feel is a bit hard. It sounds as though you are hitting a solid plastic ball when hit square in the center. The sound is a little louder on shots off the toe. After hitting the ball, I would look up expecting a mishit ball. Luckily the shots were still on my shot line.

Shorter shots do not have a noticeably hard sound. My chip and pitch shots felt much more controllable and the sound was not bothersome at all. The feel of shorter shots felt consistent with how good of a shot it was. Without seeing the ball, you could tell if you hit the shot you wanted or not.



One thing this club has is consistency. I played the 56 degree M-grind with 10 bounce. The M-grind is not my favorite but it was nothing less than consistent. A smooth, full swing shot was landing around 85 yards and would roll out about 5 yards. Shaping shots was easy and smooth. This may be due to the toe with a square, boxy look to it like a mid iron.

For shorter shots, I thought this club felt great. It only took two feel-shots to learn how hard I wanted to swing for my chosen distance. My target distance was 40 yards and I landed within less than 5 yards of that in my next 5 shots. My carry was about 30 yards. The roll depended on how the ball was struck. On shorter shots, the feel was all I needed to know if it was on-line or not. 

For fun, in an effort to see how far I could take it, the longest shot landed at 105 yards. Assuming I have a full set of clubs, I would never try to hit a 56 degree wedge that far. 



The “T” in T-Series stands for the Teardrop shape of the Mizuno T-20. A shape that was left out of production for a couple years while Mizuno promoted the S-Series wedges. The Mizuno T20 wedges’ color combinations are another distinct visual attribute. The Mizuno T-20 has a blade like look to it but still the forgiveness of an improvement iron. At address, the club head looks much like a blade but the slightly thicker top line gives it its own look.This wedge is offered in the classic Satin Chrome, Blue Ion, and Raw. Seemingly a color for multiple styles and generations. The Blue Ion is the flashiest and eye-catching. If you want to be noticed on the chipping green, the Mizuno T-20 Blue Ion is the club for you. The Raw color is the humble color of the three. It has a brass look to it without the polished shimmer and shine. It is kind of an ace up the sleeve where the looks don’t represent the performance. Proof that looks aren’t everything. A chrome wedge is a classic look that many people love and Mizuno T-20 wedges don’t disappoint. One difference between the Mizuno T-20 wedges and other classic designed wedges is that the T-20 wedges have no etching on the sole. Instead, all club details are on the back of the club head. Details such as degree, bounce and grind. 



The Mizuno T-20 wedges are a consistent club that has been found in the bags of several PGA Tour Pros. Including Brooks Koepka, who has brought home a few Majors with Mizuno T-20 wedges in his bag. With the ability to shape shots, the T-20 brings a lot to the table. Not only does it have a unique look with its teardrop shape and multiple colors but the options of bounce, sole grinds and angles. In the end, I would recommend the Mizuno T-20 wedges to any level player. 

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