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GPS watches are yet another great trick to have up your sleeve out on the course. Unknown distances to the green and hazards can make a good round go bad very quickly. With over 41,000 courses worldwide preloaded and updated for free, the Garmin S40 Golf Watch can give you an edge on the course that you have never had before. Garmin has offered quality gps products for a number of years. Now, they are givng golfers an affordable, lightweight, caddy replacement they can wear on their wrist. The following content is a culmination of reviews and personal experience with this product to help you make an educated decision on your golf watch purchase.


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Garmin S40 Golf Watch

Manufacturer Highlights


  • Golf GPS Watch features automatic game monitoring and activity tracker capabilities in a stylish, lightweight design.
  • Superior ease-of-use is enabled by the 1.2″ color touchscreen with sunlight readable display.
  • E-mail, SMS, and calendar alerts get smart notifications.
  • The elegant watchband is fully hinged and gives a comfortable fit throughout the stroke.
  • Change the design or color of your watchband quickly and easily with the quick release watchband.
  • Green View shows the exact shape and layout of the green, allowing for precise yardage and pin placement.
  • Green View also enables manual pin placement and provides easy access to yardages to the front, back, and middle of the greens, as well as layup and dogleg lengths for shot planning.
  • Shot distances are measured and recorded automatically via AutoShot detection.
  • Calculates precise yardage for shots taken from any location on the golf course.
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver for greater accuracy and tracking around trees and obstacles
    Play, share, and compare your round with other golfers using the Garmin Connect feature.


Reasons To Buy Reasons TO Buy

  • Battery life is great. I wore this for almost a week before I had to recharge it. Using it for a round of golf, I would bet you can get at least 2 rounds out of one charge.
  • Accuracy is amazing. I have been a die hard rangefinder fan for years because I did not give watches a chance. Now that I have, I only use my rangefinder for hunting and not golf.
  • Touch screen to relocate the pin location makes me feel more confident. I am finicky about my short game and have more wedges than most people. Knowing EXACT distances for wedge shots has helped (even if it is a placebo).
  • Being able to keep track of my shots is a huge plus. With new clubs, once I got into the habit of inputing which club I used, it told me a lof about my individual club distances.
  • We get a lot of weather and the skies are usually not clear. The clouds made no difference with the S40. It picked up the course on the satelite and hasn’t skipped a beat yet.


Reasons To Buy Reasons NOT To Buy

  • Battery was not holding a charge
  • Screen is freezing
  • Would not move on to the next hole
  • App connection was not functioning
  • My “new” watch was clearly used before


Our Thoughts On The Garmin S40 Golf Watch

Having golfed for 20+ years without a golf watch, I am living proof that it is possible to live without. On the other hand, since getting a Garmin golf watch, if I leave it at home or the battery dies, I am lost without it! The simple capabilities they have make things so much easier but add so much confidence to each shot.

This watch has the ability to give green, pin and hazard distanaces. Having only to think about which club you are going to use instead of which club and calculating the distance based on stones and yardage posts.

My breakdown of the Garmin Approach S40 is that it is a great watch for anybody that is even slightly interested in playing a good round of golf. Yes, there are more expensive models that have a couple more features like heart monitors or a little more bling. Fact of the matter, this Garmin is going to help you play better golf for a fair price. Garmin is a very reputable brand and has been for a very long time.

The list of Pros and Cons are important in my decision making as well as the people that support those Pros and Cons. The breakdown of 3,176 star ratings were as follows:


5-Star 73%       4-Star 17%       3-Star 4%       2-Star 2%       1-Star 3%



My translation is that 91% of buyers (2,890 people) simply loved the product and often wrote paragraph length reviews to tell about it.

The 4% that went 3-Star did not care for it but they didn’t hate it either.

The remaining reviews account for the unhappy customers. Unfortunately, there are lemons in products from truely good companies. I hope that any of the people that got a lemon, also got their money back.

The 158 unhappy customers are not going to make me hesitate to buy this golf watch. I know Garmin and pretty much any store that sells them is going to offer a solid warranty on it. I will soon be in the market for a new watch and the research that I have done has placed the Garmin S40 Golf Watch on my list of possibilities.

Garmin S40 Golf Watch Product Specs


Brand: Srixon

ASIN Number: B07GH46VTR

Dimensions: 50 x 6 x 7 inches

Department: Sports/Outdoors

More About The Srizon Z785 Driver

There is something about drivers that catch the imagination in a way unlike any other single piece of sports equipment. From Beowulf with Hrunting and King Arthur with Excalibur to Luke Skywalker with his iconic blue and green lightsabers and Harry Potter with his Phoenix feather-core wand, legends are littered with heroes who form a synergistic symbiosis with a special sword. So it is too with golfers and their drivers. Your driver isn’t just another piece of sports equipment but, at its best, an extension of your sense of self – not to mention a wicked way to get on the green in one shot. For a perfect example, look no further than the Srixon Z785 Driver. It can boost your golf game to epic degrees – and here’s how.

Boosts Ball Speed

One of the most important aspects of your golf game is how well you can get down to the green. The fewer shots it takes, the better. To get down there faster, you need to have your ball travel further, and to do that you’re going to want to increase your ball speed.

However, that can be easier said than done. A difference of a couple of miles per hour can be the difference between getting your ball on the green (or in the hole!) or having to hack your way out of the sand trap or out of the rough.

Thankfully, this driver can help in a big way. The Srixon Z785 Driver can go a long way to helping with that, starting with the fact that it slices through the air without that much drag. Just as a drag in racing can slow a car down, it can do the same to a club. Just as those tenths of a second lost can make a huge difference when it comes to whether or not you win a race, the same holds true for whether or not your ball makes it to the lip of the green or rolls down the hill and forces you to take an extra shot or two. In golf, as in life, the little things have a way of adding up to a big difference, and that’s definitely the case with the extra inches, yards, and miles per hour you can get with the Srixon Z785 Driver.

Solid Material

All of that has to do in part with the fact that this driver is incredibly sturdy while still remaining lightweight enough to be swung through the air with great force and swiftness. That’s made possible by this driver’s use of titanium Ti51AF, a fantastic alloy that gives you an incredibly hard and strong club face without weighing down the driver too much.

Another consequence of its construction is the fact that it has a larger hot zone, meaning that you can hit the ball at different points on the driver face and still get a good result. By contrast, a lot of other drivers have a much smaller hot zone, leaving you “cold” if you accidentally hit it off the side or heel of the club instead.

This is a Japanese-made club, and in recent years there has been an increased trend in Japanese drivers to incorporate a mixture of carbon and titanium into their products, and this model is no different. The driver here features a carbon crown from Mitsubishi. The result is a lighter, stronger, more forgiving club.

That last part is especially important. You probably don’t have the pitch-perfect swing of Arnold Palmer or Michelle Wie at their peaks, which is what makes it all the more important to ensure that you have a driver that is a bit forgiving of less than perfect swings. That’s precisely what you get here. The lightweight design, titanium frame, carbon crown, and expanded hot zone all combine to give you a swing that can give you a perfect result even if you don’t strike it perfectly.

So put all of that together – increased ball speed, improved distance, more forgiving play – and you have a driver that’s solid and lightweight from top to bottom.

Finally, it is worth noting that his model has a nice Quick Tune System that allows you to easily and effortlessly make adjustments to the swing weight as well as the loft. Beginners may not care about this all that much, but if you’re someone with a bit of golfing experience under your belt, you understand how important it is to be able to tweak these things to get the best possible results. If that’s you, this driver may indeed be for you.

Aesthetic Sleekness

It’s a small thing compared to its strong performance, but it’s fair to say that this driver is no slouch in the looks department, either. It features a sleek black appearance on the club face while the company name is stamped across it. There is a nice mixture of white, red, black, and even a bit of metallic silver in this driver’s club face. 

Again, clubs, like epic swords of yore, are supposed to be something of a reflection of the user. You don’t want a driver that is dull or uninspired. That hardly reflects well in you. Thankfully, this club has a nice sleekness to it and an aura of personality and excitement that you can take up as your own as you hit the fairway.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of factors working in this driver’s favor, and they all come back to one essential fact – it is simply impeccably well-built. To once more draw up our sword/club comparison, a pretty-looking sword that shatters when first used isn’t much good (at least Beowulf got a few blows in with Hrunting before it broke!). The same holds true of drivers, and this driver is incredibly well-built. Sturdy, sleek, lightweight, and well-weighted, it can help you generate fantastic ball speed, and thus more distance on your shots, all while remaining forgiving.

Take up this Srixon driver and write a great new golfing epic of your own.


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