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Having the right equipment makes any hobby that much easier to enjoy. The Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag is yet another reason to want to get out on the golf course. Not only does it have looks to kill but it makes your bag organized and so much easier to use. This article gives a break down review on the Sun Mountain C-130 golf cart bag to help you decide if it is the right fit for you.


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Sun Mountin C-130 Golf Cart Bag


  • Fourteen unique club dividers run the length of the bag, including a specialized putter pocket, to protect clubs and prevent shaft movement.
  • Two clothing pockets, a vented cooler pocket, a rangefinder pocket with magnetic closure, and two velour-lined pockets, one of which is water-resistant, are among the thirteen pockets.
  • The Smart Strap System uses two Velcro® straps to secure the bag to a riding cart, preventing the bag from twisting and the cart’s straps from interfering with pocket access. Cart strap pass-through assures full access to pockets.
  • When the bag is fastened to a cart, the cart strap pass-through ensures complete access to pockets.
  • Matching rainhood included



Reasons To Buy Reasons TO Buy


  • The snaps and straps keep this bag locked into place on the golf cart. I have had problems with bags getting twisted making pockets unaccessible. not a problem with this bag.
  • Having so many pockets is great! The onlmy problem that I have now is remembering which pocket I put things in
  • This bag is made in the U.S.A. and the construction feels rock solid.
  • My clubs are easy to put in and take out of the bag because of the full length dividers.
  • The club positioning is well thought out. Thankfully the pockets for the driver and putter are a little bigger than the others. I use an oversize putter grip and my last bag wasn’t so compliant.
  • I expected this bag to be a lot heavier than it is. I would say that it no heavier than my carry bag which makes it nice to load and unload in my car.
  • A built in magnet gives me easy access to my rangefinder. I used to no use my rangefinder because it wasn’t convenient. That is not the case anymore.
  • Fits my push cart perfectly. I used to have problems with my bag twisting. The C-130 fits perfectly.
  • It wouldn’t be complete without a charging station. God forbid my phone battery dies. Now There are no worries.
  • The zippers on this bag are crazy strong. My biggest fear of buying a bag with this many pockets is having bad zippers. 

Reasons To Buy Reasons NOT To Buy


  • It does not stand on it’s own for very long
  • The cooler pocket is not as big as expected it was expected to be
  • The stiff outer shell came with a lot of wrinkles in it that made it look out of balance and sort of cheap. This may be due to the fact that it was shipped in a fairly thin box.


Our Thoughts On The Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag

There will be no hesitation for me to promote this bag. Sun Mountain is a high quality company. Their owner Rick Reimers is a Montanan that is very proud of his work and it shows in the products.

I still use a carry bag on golf carts but I have two friends that have a C-130 Sun Mountain golf cart bag that I envy everytime I play. While my bag is twisted around and falling out, their’s are in the same location as when we started and have a ton of space to use.

Having seen the product with my own eyes and seeing countless reviews boasting how great the Sun Mountain C-130 is, I can’t help but to say this is a GolfSight Top Choice product.

Review Breakdown:

The total number of reviews given on the Sun Mountain C-130 golf cart bag is 184 Reviews. 91% of these are 5-Star and not one of them is a 1-Star.

There were a handful of 2 and 3-Star reviews left but only two written reviews. One of them was about the seller and the other thought it looked wrinkled.


Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag Product Specifications

Brand: Sun Mountain

ASIN Number: B09DK32KYX

Dimensions:14 x 12 x 36 inches

Department: Sports/Outdoors

Golf Cart Bags vs. Stand Bags


A golf bag is one of the most important pieces of golf equipment. We all know that a good golf bag is essential since it serves a purpose other than simply storing your clubs.

A good golf bag is essential. With so many alternatives, it’s crucial to think about how you’ll be playing the majority of your rounds of golf.

A big part of playing your best golf is being comfortable, having everything you need, and being able to concentrate on the game. We all know that the weather in some parts of the country changes regularly, so being prepared for those scenarios is crucial.

Some golfers still prefer to stroll with their bags in hand. The stand bag is a must-have! I’d also suggest investing in a stand bag with a double carry strap!


Bags for Stands vs. Bags for Carts

Which leads to the dilemma of whether I should buy a stand bag or a cart bag.

A cart bag is recommended if you use a golf cart for every round or a push or pull cart for every round when walking. A stand bag is recommended if you like to carry your bag while walking.

The good news is that there are some good options on both ends, as each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

What is the distinction between a cart bag and a stand bag?
The main distinction is that a stand bag comes with a stand and usually has two shoulder straps. The cart bag, on the other hand, is usually larger and does not have a stand or a second strap.

This is because the stand bag is designed to allow the golfer to carry his or her bag while playing. The stand bags are usually smaller, lighter, and contain features like a stand and a double strap that make walking 18 holes and carrying them simpler.

The cart bag is intended to be used with a cart of some sort. It doesn’t matter if it’s a power cart, a push cart, or a pull cart. The bag is usually larger in size and designed to hold stuff like rain coats, extra towels, snacks, and other items that golfers frequently bring with them on a round of golf.

A stand bag features more storage choices than a cart bag, but not as many as a cart bag. The cart bag is the clear victor if you need to carry a lot of extra goods throughout a round and don’t want to carry your bag.

If you just carry your luggage on occasion and prefer a sleeker, thinner, lighter option, the stand bag is a good choice for you.


Benefits of a Stand Bag

The stand bag is an excellent bag for the golfer who wants to grab their bag, get out to the course, and take in nature while walking and carrying their bag. It is lighter, sleeker, and has add-ons such as a stand and double carry strap.

Many junior golfers and traditionalists in the game like the stand bag because it allows them to keep some of the aspects of the game that they enjoy.

List of benefits:

-Comes with a stand for quick setup wherever you are.
-A second strap is included to help relieve pressure on one shoulder.
-Is usually lighter in order to make walking 18 holes easier.
-It looks terrific and is frequently an indication of a good golfer.


Benefits of a Cart Bag

The extra room given for the accessories that golfers carry makes the cart bag a good option for the player who wants to ride in the cart or uses a push cart. As people get older, they either don’t want to walk as much or, if they do, they have a go-to pull cart to make the route simpler. Many individuals enjoy playing golf, but they seldom walk, which is completely OK.

Benefits Of Using A Cart Bag:

Designed to provide lots of extra room in your bag for those extra items you want to bring.
Fits comfortably into a cart and readily stands upright in it.

I would recommend a cart bag if you plan on riding every loop!
Is it better to acquire a stand bag or a cart bag?
I would recommend the stand bag if you like to carry your bag, even if only occasionally. The majority of stand bags have adequate room to carry the accessories. I can fit several different golf gloves, an umbrella, rain gear, a range finder, an additional pullover, a bottle of water, and enough of golf balls and tees in my stand bag.

I also have a separate section for personal items, such as my wallet and keys. I’ve never had the feeling that I didn’t have enough room for what I needed to play the round that day.

I would recommend the cart bag if you are someone who will never carry their bag. Extra storage would be beneficial, and there are some high-quality solutions available. Choose the one that looks attractive, has the storage you require, and fits all of your bag storage requirements.

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