TaylorMade SIM Driver: In Review

The idea of a driver that’s “tailormade” to suit your needs may seem like a fantastic idea. It may also seem like a fantasy. After all, wouldn’t a customized club cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to finish? As it turns out, the answer is no and no – at least as far as “TaylorMade” clubs are concerned. TaylorMade has been a    force in the golf driver industry and the TaylorMa de SIM driver is proof they have performance clubs.

The question remains – what do they have to offer with their TaylorMade SIM Driver, and what can it do to boost your golf game?

Driver Overview 

One of the most exciting things about this driver is that it is the first from TaylorMade to boast this much of a metallic build. Few things are more important to consider when choosing from among different drivers than the material from which they are made. This driver features a fantastic blend of titanium to carbon fiber. Either of those materials would translate into a quality driver – the combination of them in the manner in which they are present in this club means great things for this model’s durability and consistency.

In addition to that, this model boasts driver sleeves and moveable weights, both of which are essential to the “tailormade” aspect of this driver. Different golfers have different preferences when it comes to how they prefer to angle their shot, how much weight they want to have on different parts of the driver, and what the overall feel of their driver is like. The moveable weights on this model allows you to customize it to your heart’s content. Even before you start shifting around to set up the perfect shot, you can move around these weights to ensure that the TaylorMade SIM Driver does indeed feel “tailormade” to the way you like to drive the ball.

Then there’s the fact that this model makes use of an innovative twice face design to its drivers that allows you to have even more control over the angular aspect of the game. After all, golf isn’t just a “game of inches” but a game of angles – the trajectory at which the ball is launched, how your club is angled as you make your shot, and so on. This twist face design adds an extra dimension to golfers looking to envision their shots in every possible aspect, maximizing your COR.


How This All Helps 

Why do you invest so much time, money, and energy in getting the best driver possible? Because you want a club that can get you to the green as quickly and accurately as possible. Every driver promises increased distance, of course, but there are several key aspects in which the TaylorMade SIM Driver delivers superior performance.

For starters, the driver is optimized to maximize both horizontal and vertical Moment of Inertia. This refers to how much twisting a club has, which is a fancy way of discussing how forgiving it is. You’ve been told countless times not to twist your wrists when swinging through your shot, but unless you’re a PGA pro you probably do at least a little bit. Even if you are a highly disciplined golfer, even the tiniest fraction of an inch can lead to your shot veering off course by a few critical inches or feet. That in turn can make the difference between getting on the green and having to hit out of a hazard, so you want a club that can forgive those tiny MOI tweaks, and the TaylorMade is (say it with us) “tailormade” to do just that via its innovative new SIM (Shape in Motion) drivers.

This design features an Aerodynamic Asymmetric sole as well as an inertia generator. The shape acts like a rudder that helps generate club speed and MOI while also being more forgiving so your shot doesn’t go slicing off and splashing down into the water hazards.

What’s more, the SiM MAX-D design allows players to compensate for their biases. In golf, as in life, we all have our biases. Some of us pull the ball more to the left, while others veer off to the right. As in baseball or tennis, this can be related in part to whether you are left- or right-handed and the motion with which you swing the driver. Still, while you can work on and improve your swinging motion, you shouldn’t have to lose valuable strokes due to your natural swing bias, and the TaylorMade does a great job of helping to compensate for that.

All of this translates into a swing motion that generates more swing speed, and thus more ball speed, and compensates for biases to ensure your shot flies straight and true toward the green.

Last but not least, this model offers a variety of different shafts and three different variations of the driver, allowing you to choose what fits your swing and play style best. Better still, these different options are, as of now, available at no extra cost to you, so you can sort out issues with your swing style and bias without having to pay extra to do so.


In Conclusion

As long as your expectations are tailormade to what TaylorMade has to offer, there is a lot to love about this package. This golf club does a great job of allowing players to change the weightedness of the club along with its angular nature and even how the ball comes off it in terms of shot bias, all of which can have a dramatic impact on your game. It is also reasonably affordable while not charging extra for the three variations it offers, letting you choose the perfect driver at a fair price.

Add to that the fact that this model has a nice Aerodynamic Asymmetric sole and is constructed from a fantastically durable alloy using titanium and carbon, and you have a driver that is ready to take on a round of 18 every time.


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