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TaylorMade SIM Max Fairway Woods

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The TaylorMade SIM Max fairway woods are the best selling fairway woods on Amazon. I can happily say that they are very competitive in pricing. Looking at the reviews for these fairway woods, this is what I found.

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  • The iconic V Steel has been reinvented in the TaylorMade SIM Max Fairway Woods. Prepare for higher launch, more distance and effortless performance.V Steel sole for improved turf interaction and improved versatilityMulti-Material design provides ultra-low CG for improved launchMulti-material construction allows engineers to precisely position weight in the head for ultra-low CG. Prepare for launch.Straighter Shots with Twist Face
  • Even the best players in the world miss the center of the face. The Twist Face design is to give everyone straighter shots on mis-hits.
  • The strength of high-performance C300 steel delivers powerful performance and unmistakable feel.
  • Enhanced Speed Pocket technology for increased sole flexibility promotes additional ball speed on low-face mis-hits.

Reasons To Buy 5 Reasons TO Buy

  • Big face and low center of gravity makes for a big sweet spot
  • Great driver/hybrid gap club for distance
  • Great trajectory
  • Mishits were much straighter
  • This club feels very balanced and good in the hands

Reasons To Buy 1 Reason NOT To Buy

  • Head snapped off after five hits

Thoughts On TaylorMade SIM Max Fairway Woods

There is no doubt that this club is a great addition to your bag if you are in the hunt for a fairway wood. Such a big sweet spot and the forgiving twist face technology making mishits stay in play. From scratch golfers to beginners, players everywhere have fallen in love with the TaylorMade SIM Max Fairway Woods. I say this club is a safe purchase.

If price is a factor, this club is in the mid to high price point but players have confirmed that you get what you pay for.


Product Specifications


Brand: TaylorMade

Model Number: N7326207

Dimensions: ‎4.92″ x 4.92″ x 48.03″

Department: Sports/Outdoors

How To Play Your Fairway Wood


Fairway woods, like irons, come in a variety of lofts, head sizes, and weights to suit a wide range of players. We’ll examine about how to hit a fairway wood in this article. With these woods in hand, we’ll give you some pointers on how to be a more consistent striker.


What does it take to crush a fairway wood?

You must first set up a fairway wood properly before you can crush it. The majority of typical golfers face a problem with their setup. The tee and fairway shots are not the same. It’s the most common amateur blunder, and it almost always results in a fat or topped shot.

Because the ball is set on a tee, you must hit it uphill from the tee box. This makes hitting a fairway wood and getting it airborne much easier.

The required shot on the fairway, on the other hand, is altogether different. Because your ball is no longer teed up, if you hit it on your upswing, the club head will reach the ground first, resulting in a fat or topped strike.

Once you’ve figured out where to hit the ball off the tee and in the fairway, you’ll need to practice consistently to ensure solid ball striking and maximum outcomes.


Types of Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are a bigger group of clubs that includes 3-woods, 4-woods, 5-woods, 7-woods, and 13-woods. As you progress from a 3-wood to a 13-wood, the degree of loft rises, similar to your irons.

A 3-wood and a 5-wood are the most frequent fairway woods in a golfer’s bag. Some golfers, such as myself, still use a 7-wood, while others may use a 4-wood. A pair of woods is rarely used. Many average players now use hybrids instead of woods because they provide more forgiveness and help to propel the ball higher in the air.


How to Consistently Hit a Fairway Wood

To consistently hit a fairway, you must understand where to set the ball in your stance under various conditions. If you try to hit the same shot off the tee as you do on the fairway with a fairway wood, it will rapidly become your least favorite club.

Let’s take a look at how you may get the most out of your fairway woods on the tee and in the fairway.

Off the tee, fairway woods are a good substitute for your driver. These woods’ weakened loft aids in getting the ball in the air and achieving consistent carry. However, if you don’t put yourself in the right place, you won’t get the results you want.

Step 1– Many amateurs make a mistake at this moment, setting themselves up for failure. Many people may tee the ball up to the same height as they would for a driver. When teeing up for a driver or fairway wood, you should definitely follow Annika Sorenstam’s advice and make sure “that half of the ball is above the crown of the clubhead.” Your fairway woods, on the other hand, have thinner and more compact heads than your driver, so you’ll need to tee it down.

Step 2 – In your stance, place the ball forward.

Because your ball is on a tee, you must strike it on the upswing to make a solid contact. The ideal method to set up for this shot is to align the ball with the inside heel of your front foot. However, you will not be able to move as far forward as you would with your driver. On your upswing, the ball will be in the ideal position for you to strike it cleanly and crush your shot.

Step 3– Place your weight on your trailing shoulder.

It’s easier to hit up on a tee shot with a fairway wood if you shift your weight to your trailing shoulder. This prepares your body to strike the ball on the upswing.

Step 4 – Catch the ball in the middle of the field.

All that’s left now is to swing easy and strike the ball once you’ve set up for your fairway wood tee shot. The desired effect is to strike the ball slightly up with the clubface’s centerline.


Off The Fairway

Off the fairway, you have to set up you differently to maximize performance.


Step 1- Bring the ball to the center of your stance.

While the ball should still be in front of your center line, it should be closer to the middle than your tee shot setup. The reason for this is that hitting the ball on the up is no longer conceivable. You should strike the ball as if it were an iron. As a result, instead of hitting the ball up, you should hit it down.


Step 2 – Maintain a Square Shoulder

Move your shoulders in line with your clubhead once the ball is towards the middle of your stance. In contrast to your tee shot shoulder position, it helps you swing down and through the ball.


Step 3 – Make contact with the ball.

You must first make contact with the ball in order to hit a clean fairway wood strike. You should now have a little divot in front of where the ball was lying. You might discover that this method produces no divot at all. To accomplish this, you must strike the ball down to catch it neatly on your downswing.


Step 4 – Place your weight on your leading leg.

When striking a fairway wood off the deck, you must place your weight onto your front leg on the downswing in order to produce a gradual angle of attack and make clean contact with the ball and swing through. It’s not like a tee shot, where we have to strike the ball on the upswing.


Step 5 – Make Initial Contact With The Ball

The strategies outlined above will assist you in hitting more pure fairway wood strokes. There is, however, one final step to remember. That is, first make contact with the ball, then with the ground. Because we don’t have a tee on the fairway, we must strike the ball on the downswing in order to catch it properly.

If you strike behind the ball, your shot will either be fat or will bounce up and over the ball, causing you to top your shot.


Last Thoughts

Knowing how to hit a fairway wood might make all the difference when it comes to scoring. On Par 5s, it increases your chances of making birdie and provides a more forgiving alternative off the tee. Remember to hit up on fairway wood shots off the tee by placing the ball forward. Set the ball up little nearer the middle of your stance and hit down off the deck, with the other hand.

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