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The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

One of Cleveland’s’s Best Selling Drivers

The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver is known for forgiveness. A big sweet spot gives forgiveness and distance for mid to high handicappers. The following argticle is about how the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo performs and it’s pros and cons.

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Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Highlights


  • Turbocharged cup face: The new turbocharged cup face, enhanced with a new variable face, provides higher COR over a larger impact area for increased ball speeds and more distance with the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver
  • HI bore Crown: The redesigned HI Bore Crown lowers the center-of-gravity (CG) by 2. 2mm, enabling a lower CG position for optimal launch conditions.
  • Deep weighting: discretionary mass savings positioned for significant increases to MOI, delivering more speed.
  • Ultralight hostel: external and internal weight reduction, redistributed low and deep for a higher launch and more forgiveness.
  • Counter balanced shaft design: specifically designed for the launcher HB Turbo driver, the MIYAZAKI C. Kuma center of gravity is relocated higher toward the grip, enabling additional head mass for increased MOI.

Reasons To Buy 5 Reasons TO Buy

  • This club has great carry distance
  • The fast elevation makes my drives carry farther
  • The “ping” sound it makes off the tee is a treat to hear
  • My drives are now going stright down the fairway
  • It is the budget 300 yard driver


Food For Thought: The 5-star reviews account for 78% of the 279 global reviews. 5% were either 1-star or 2-star.


Reasons To Buy 3 Reason NOT To Buy

  • Driver did not come with head cover, as advertised
  • Head broke off
  • Lost yardage

Thoughts On The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

Paying top dollar for a product is an absolute must in some cases but others it is not. I think the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver is a great example of NOT having to pay big money for high performance. An overwhelming number of confirmed buyers have praised this  game improvement driver. It sounds like a great driver for mid to high handicap golfers that struggle with distance and accuracy.


Product Specifications

Brand: Cleveland Golf

Model Number: B07WXVLK79

Dimensions: ‎‎45.5 x 6 x 3 inches

Department: Sports/Outdoors

The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo’s Sleek Design

Let’s be honest; golf hasn’t always had the best track record when it comes to aesthetics. Plaid slacks and knitted pom hats aren’t the pinnacle of fashion, sleek as Tiger’s iconic red-and-black wardrobe is. That’s what makes the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver stand out. It’s a stylish club with a sleek matte black and smoke grey finish.

The Sound of Success

When you play golf enough, you can tell a good shot from the sound that the ball makes coming off the club. That’s definitely the case with the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver. Its powerful metallic frame sounds good when making solid contact with the ball.
The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo is very well balanced.  The weight distribution doesn’t create a top heavy feel and is not weighted at the heel. As a result, you can swing with confidence without any worry.
This can allow you to swing the driver with an extra sense of confidence. Match the added belief in your abilities with a couple extra mph on your swing. With out added weights, this model slices through the air and creates ball speed better than most others on the market.
The balanced nature of this model can produce positive results even when you don’t hit the ball well. You don’t have to be a pro to want better performance, and that’s what this driver can deliver.
A lot of this has to do with the fact that the Turbo Charged Cup Face. The thickness and science behind it translate into a better, stronger, smoother drive every time. Also, this driver boasts hollow construction, which is part of what allows it to slice through the air and make contact so perfectly.

The Launcher HB Turbo’s Targeted Spin

A very important thing about drivers is that when they launch the ball, it creates ball spin. Either top spin or back spin, either of which make an enormous difference in the accuracy of your shot. This driver allows you more control of the direction and RPM of spin. 

High Forgiveness

One of the reasons why mastering the spin of your ball is so important is that you aren’t likely to hit a dead-on perfect shot every time. The problem often lies in a down swing error of swinging in-to-out or out-to-in. This swing flaw usually results in a hook or a slice that haunts you everywhere on the course. Luckily for those of us that slice or hook shots there are some drivers are more forgiving of this than others. The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo is one that forgives. 
There is a lot to love about this driver from Cleveland. Starting with the fact that it is very well balanced and lightweight without feeling cheap. This allows you to swing it with ease, and it’s with nice, fluid swings that you generate the real power necessary to drive the ball down to the green. Helped by the fact that this club is quite forgiving, so you can worry a bit less about hooking your shot far to the left or the right.
Finally, there’s something about this model that looks, feels, and sounds right. With ball contact, you feel the kind of jolt golfers know all too well as the feeling of success. Imagine that feeling day after day, shot after shot, and you have a snapshot of what it’s like to shoot with this accessible driver from Cleveland.


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