Six Best Top Flite Golf Balls of 2020

The Top Flite brand has been on the golf scene for a long time. They are especially suitable for mid-high handicappers that are out for affordable high-quality balls. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate link in which our site get commission for marketing their products. This commission is in no way passed on to you, the buyer.  


Top Flite Golf Balls: Reviews

In this buying guide, we compare the six best flite golf balls. They are not only affordable, but they are also forgiving, giving you reasonable distance and accuracy, along with excellent elevation. 

Here is our quick guide:

Top-Flite 2019 XL Distance Golf Balls

Top-Flite 2019 XL Distance

This set has been specially designed to improve your game, as it will make your shots soar an impressive distance.

The balls have been made with Distance Dimple technology to give you a high and fast launch for exceptional playability and performance.

It’s core construction is resilient to optimize compression so that you get high ball speeds and distance.

The ball cover is characterized by reformulated, cut-proof ionomer to help minimize spin while you are playing, without sacrificing durability.

Each ball features a 2-piece construction for improved flight and distance.


  • It has a 2-piece cover for elevated flight and speed
  • It is durable
  • The ball cover is made with cut-proof ionomer to minimize spin and ensure durability
  • It has a resilient core to optimize compression for more higher speed and increased distance
  • The dimple design on the cover helps with the launch for high performance


  • The pack is expensive


Top Flite Gamer Urethane Golf Balls

Top Flite Gamer Urethane

Made to give golfers a tour-level performance these balls feature dimple-in-dimple aerodynamics to help maintain spin so that you can have maximum distance and lift.

They have been formulated with a urethane cover to give players a preferred feel and increased greenside spin control. In between the core layer and the cover is a DuPont HPF mantle layer to reduce long game spin so that you can achieve high accuracy. 

The balls have a rugged high-energy core for maximum compression and improve performance.


  • The balls feature dimple-in-dimple aerodynamics to help maintain their spin so that you can have maximum distance and lift
  • They feature urethane covers to give players a preferred feel and greenside spin control
  • Reduces long game spin and increases accuracy
  • Its rugged high-energy core offers maximum compression for improved performance


  • Some users complained that they could not get the right distance

Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls

Top Flite Bomb

If you love long and straight shots, then this is the right set for you. These balls have been optimized to give you more distance and accuracy. 

Just like other Top Flite balls, they feature an ionomer cover that is durable and also minimizes spin while you are playing.

They have a sturdy and large core construction to increase compression for elevated speed and distance.

With it you can perform a low driver spin, but still get a high and fast launch for a high performance. 

The 2-piece construction of the ball ensures durability.


  • Optimized to give you long and straight shots
  • The balls have a 2-piece construction for enhanced durability, distance, and flight
  • They have ionomer covers for enhanced durability and minimal spin
  • The large cores increase compression for more speed and distance


  • They are hard and therefore not the best choice for those who prefer soft balls

Top Flite D2+ Distance Golf Balls

Top Flite 2016 D2+ Distance

Engineered to ensure golfers can maximize distance through high ball speeds, they feature 2-piece construction for optimum ball flight and distance. 

Each ball has dimple-in-dimple aerodynamics to help maintain spin, thus providing for maximum distance and lift.

The balls have a large high-speed core but with a soft compression rating to help you maintain high ball speed.

They also have a softer feel thanks to the reformulated cut-proof ionomer cover that also enhances durability.


  • Dimple-in-dimple aerodynamics help maintain spin and generate speed
  • Enables fast ball speeds
  • Large high-speed core and a thin ionomer cover for a softer feel that doesn’t sacrifice performance
  • Goes a long distance
  • Durable


  • Some users found the exterior covers to be too thin

Top-Flite Lady Golf Ball

Top-Flite Lady

If you are a lady golfer and you want a ball specifically made for women, then this is the best choice for you. Unlike other Top Flite balls, this one has a soft 332 dimple cover to give you a pleasant experience.

The ball also features a firm ionomer cover that can minimize spin while at the same time increasing durability.

The Top Flite Lady is characterized by a large core construction to optimize compression. The result is an increased ball speed and distance off the tee. They have a low driver spin to give you a fast launch.

These balls all use a 2-layer core. 


  • Great for long shots
  • Specifically meant for women
  • It has a soft cover that is also firm
  • Boasts a large core construction to optimize compression at impact so that you can get more speed and distance out of your shot
  • The firm ionomer cover increases durability


  • Cover shows signs of use very quickly


Top Flite 2020 XL Distance Golf Balls

Top Flite 2020 XL Distance

This set is designed to offer optimal performance for long distance shots. They are durable enough that they will stand the test of time and feature a dimple technology that enables a fast launch for perfect playability and performance. 

They are made with a resilient core for optimized compression and increased speeds and distance.

The XL Distance is characterized by a reformulated cut-proof ionomer cover that increases speed while increasing durability.

The balls are made with 2-piece construction for better flight stability and distance.


  • Optimized for distance shots
  • The balls feature an upper resilient core construction for elevated ball speeds and distance
  • The ionomer covers increase durability while minimizing spin


  • These balls are a specialty for beginners


Buyer’s Guide

From the six, any of them can make a great choice. If you need more guidance to choose one specific one, then hang on as we focus on factors that set them apart in this section. Here is a guide to help;

Set meant for women: If you want a set specifically meant for women, the Top-Flite Women’s 2019 Lady Golf Balls is the right choice for you.

Set optimized for spin control: Although all the Top Flite balls are great when it comes to minimizing spin, the 12 Pack Top Flite Gamer Urethane Golf Balls – White (One Dozen) is your best bet as it has a urethane cover that offers further performance enhancements.

Set with the highest number of balls: If you are quantity oriented, then the set with the highest number of balls is the Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls (24 Pack).

The most affordable set: When we compare the price, the cheapest in the batch is the Top-Flite Women’s 2019 Lady Golf Balls that retails at $18.88. In terms of value, the set that will give you the most value is the Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls (24 Pack) that retails at $35.

Our overall recommendation: All six are excellent choices, but the one we like the most is the Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls (24 Pack) since it offers the best overall value (especially for beginners).

Here are some additional points to look out for:


Although many people are primarily concerned about the price, the truth is that it should not be a big influence on your buying decision. 

When it comes to golf balls, expensive does not automatically translate to better but you’re more likely to get a better quality ball at a higher price than the other way around.

Your budget should be a reflection of your skill level. Even if you are a beginner buying high-end balls, the truth is that they are likely to wear out faster (or they may be lost).


When it comes to “feeling,” it is a matter of preference. In most cases, you may have to try out different options to know what you prefer the most. The bottom line is that the ball should give you confidence in hitting it.

Compression Rating/Hardness

The right compression for you depends on your swing speed. If you prefer high swing speeds, you will likely do well with a high compression rating. On the other hand, slow swing speeds work well with low compression ratings (if you want more distance).

When the compression rating is too high for your swing speed, you will need to use a lot of energy to get your desired results.


Having the right equipment will do wonders for the spin you want, but this may still come down to personal preference. When you use a launch monitor, you can figure out if your ball of choice gives you the right spin.

For example: for driver spin, less is more. Backspin will push the ball high, but it will fall short. It can give you a trajectory that will sail through the air and stay up for longer. An iron will give you the same effect as a driver spin. When it comes to a short game spin, you have to decide whether you want more distance or control as you can’t achieve both at the same time.

Final Verdict

When it comes to the right ball, different people have different needs. So, there is no one-size-fits-all option. It all depends on your skills and what you want to achieve. 

To find your best option, you may have to try out different balls but research and comparison will help you settle on the best. Going through reviews will help you know what to expect with your choice. When you are trying out to find your match, it is better that you start with affordable sets.

Overall, just remember the tips in this guide and maybe try out a couple different options! Happy hunting!

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