The Best Golf Towel You Never Knew You Needed

You know the value of having a good towel or two on hand for 18 holes. Balls get muddy, club grooves trap dirt, grips become wet, and sweat creeps onto your palms. Choosing the best golf towel for your needs can put an end to all of this. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. This site receives commission on sales from the seller in return for affiliate marketing. The price is in no way passed on to the buyer.

The following list has options to cover all of your towel needs and more.

  • Frogger Amphibian Wet/Dry
  • Mile High Life Tri-fold
  • Club Glove Microfiber
  • Microfiber Greens
  • Clothlete Greenside
  • Stick IT
  • Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown
  • Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel
  • Team Golf
  • Golf Towel Store

The golf towel industry offers cotton, microfiber, wet/dry options, and cooling towels to fill needs you didn’t know you had. Our top-10 list provides you a window into the golf-towel world and all the options it affords you.

Frogger Amphibian Wet/Dry

Frogger Amphibian Wet/Dry Golf Towel
Frogger Amphibian Wet/Dry

If you frequently find yourself wiping your ball on the grass or scraping crud off your irons with your shoe, then Froggerwill improve your golfing experience tremendously.

Frogger’s Amphibian Wet/Dry towels design contains a pocket that you can wet before your round for ball and club cleaning. Exterior towel tabs keep your fingers dry as you clean your equipment. Once clean, extract the club or ball and use the outside of the towel to dry the equipment.

On rainy days, keep the inside of the towel dry for your grips.

Frogger offers varying sizes including an 8-inch by 4-inch model for golf balls at around $12 and a 14-inch by 14-inch model at about $30.

The cotton and polyester towel contains a waterproof membrane between the inner and outer layers keeping the wet and dry elements separate.

As easy-attachment carabiner easily clips to belts and bags.



Mile High Life Tri-fold

Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel
Mile High Life Tri-fold

The Mile High Life trifold currently holds the top golf-towel seller slot on Amazon with a price tag around $10.

Its microfiber waffle design efficiently removes dirt, mud, sand, and grass better than cotton. Hygroscopicity traits function better than cotton allowing excellent air permeability and easy washing.

The 16-inch by 21-inch towel has 14 color options for its edge-locking technology of tight-edge stitching and non-threading.

A heavy-duty, aluminum carabiner clip with a close-buckle design bolster this durably strong golf towel.



Club Glove Microfiber

Club Glove Microfiber Golf Towel
Club Glove Microfiber

Some of us want a large surface area and an easy way to keep the towel from taking flight during the cart ride. Club Glove’s 17-inch by 40-inch towel includes an 8-inch, elongated center slit that easily fits over any clubhead or folded umbrella grip.

The non-abrasive, virtually lint-free versatility of the waffle texture holds up to 400% of its weight in water.

For around $35, you can choose from multiple color options and get an 8-inch by 12-inch greenside pocket towel included free.



Microfiber Greens

Microfiber Greens Golf Towel
Microfiber Greens

The best deal on our list gives you three towels for $13. As the number two golf-towel seller on Amazon, the Microfiber Greens towel claims the title of “The Convenient Golf Towel.”

The 16-inch by 16-inch size fits easily in your back pocket or clips accessibly to a belt loop. Multiple color options adorn the lightweight, super-absorbent towel made of lint-free yarns.

Durability defines the towel, but versatility allows golfers to clean off everything from wedges to eyewear.

Fast drying keeps unwanted odors from setting in and makes for easy cleaning.



Clothlete Greenside

Clothlete Greenside Golf Towel
Clothlete Greenside

For less than $20, Clothlete Greenside sends you three 16-inch by 24-inch microfiber towels with a magnet attachment.

You can snag your towel off the ground with your club and stick it on anything metal as you move from one shot to the next. An added snap attachment easily snaps around many objects.

Super absorbency allows for 400 grams per square meter from the waffle-weaved microfiber.



Stick IT

Stick IT Golf Towel
Stick IT

For $20 to $25, Stick IT offers golfers the most effortless attachment mechanism possible for its towels with an industrial-strength magnet. The powerful magnet sticks to anything metal with a 25-pound pull.

The 29-inch high, top-tier microfiber possesses deep-waffle pockets for thorough cleaning. Superior water absorption and quick-drying time coupled with safe washing and drying keep out unwanted odors.



Callaway Golf 2018 Uptown

Callaway’s Uptown model pops up on virtually every list of best towels available.

At around $20, the 16-inch by 21-inch, soft, 100% cotton towel provides excellent absorbency in a corporate trifold design. A carabiner makes for easy attachment and detachment.



Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel

If you’ve applied a cold, wet towel to your neck on a 90-plus-degree day, then you know the value of a cooling towel.

Chill Pal’s super-soft, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) towel delivers long-lasting heat relief with a high-grade, extra-thick PVA.

Evaporative technology, coupled with increased thickness, delivers cooling towel performance that lasts. At less than $10, Chill Pal uses 95% PVA and 5% polyester in this 12-inch by 32-inch towel that comes in multiple color options.

The instructions only require you to soak in cold water, wring it out, and apply it to your neck. Once you apply the towel, your brain gets a reprieve from the heat and more focus on the next shot.



Team Golf

If you feel the need to show your team allegiance through your towel, Team Golf provides options for NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and military.

At around $15, the 100% cotton, checkered scrubber delivers a 16-inch by 22-inch tri-fold towel with an easy-attachment and removal swivel clip.

For around $10, the 100% cotton Jacquard Woven provides a top and bottom hem with a 16-inch by 19-inch size. The corner hook offers an easy attachment to any golf bag.



Golf Towel Store

After a terrible shot, you need a good laugh. The Golf Towel Store offers funny sayings you can read as you clean off the excess mud you picked up when you dropped your back shoulder and dug deep into the fairway with your five iron.

The soft, terry-cloth loop, 100% cotton towels ring in at around $18 with a 16-inch by 24-inch size. Machine washability, coupled with high-quality embroidery that’s triple filled for a clean look, delivers a quality towel.

Golf Towel Store’s towels include a clip to fix to your bag securely.



You Might Need One, or You Might Need Three?

All the towel options we recommend give you the performance you need at a reasonable price.

Cooling towels, wet/dry towels, and regular towels all have a place in your golf game.

The options listed help you take care of superfluous actions needed throughout a round of golf. Once you can easily tackle these little chores with ease, you can focus more on your next shot.

You play the game to hit those great shots. The bad news is that with wet and muddy gear, those great shots will become fewer and fewer. Get the towels you need before your next round to keep your hands, grips, clubheads, and balls clean and dry.

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