Not so long ago, if you needed more distance off the tee, you had to sacrifice performance around the green. Over the last few years, technological innovations have given 2-piece balls and ionomer covers a massive performance upgrade. Here we have listed The Top 8 Golf Balls For Women golfers to match a ball to their game. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate link in which our site get commission for marketing their products. This commission is in no way passed on to you, the buyer.  

Manufacturers now produce thinner and softer ionomer blends that cover cores with varied density throughout to provide pop off the tee and control around the green. Innovative dimple designs and new core philosophies equal improved scoring for more reasonable prices than ever.

Tour balls, which cost north of $40, use urethane covers to give more spin and better control around the greens. The downside of urethane is a lack of durability and added expense. New techniques allow manufacturers to create thinner ionomer covers, closing the gap a bit on urethane performance.

Some will try to convince everyone to use tour-level balls like the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x. In reality, the larger percentage of golfers won’t benefit from the extra cost because they can’t generate the force PGA Tour professions create.

Any one of the balls on this list gives you the chance to cut some strokes off your game. You’ll also save some money if you’ve been dabbling at the tour end of the market.

Of course, there is no one way to manufacture the perfect ball. A wide variety of engineering techniques and conclusions results in an excellent selection of the top 8 golf balls for women.

Bridgestone e6 Lady

e6 Lady Golf Ball
e6 Lady

One of the hottest ball brands in golf also produces one of the best golf balls for women. The Bridgestone e6 Lady costs just north of $20 but brings Bridgestone’s narrowed focus on this target market in recent years.

With a 2-piece construction and lower-compression core, the e6 Lady delivers a high ball speed for moderate swing speeds. Lower compression ensures golfers with slower swings can unlock the full potential of the ball’s core.

The e6 Lady possesses the lowest compression of the Bridgestone golf ball line. It also helps golfers improve their launch angles for added distance.

Mizuno RB 566 V

Mizuno RB 566 V

We often overlook Mizuno golf equipment despite its engineering prowess. For a little over $20, the Mizuno RB 566 provides the softest Mizuno ball to match mid to slower swing speeds.

Among the best golf balls for women, the 2-piece Mizuno RB 566 delivers the most intriguing cover with its 566 micro-dimple design. The ionomer cover contains a distinct dimple pattern that’s engineered to slow the ball once it reaches its apex for improved control.

Mizuno achieves balanced performance with a large, high-energy core that elevates launch with an impressive feel for stable, straighter ball flight.

The Mizuno R566 Line is also ranked in The 9 Best Golf Balls For Distance.

Srixon Soft Feel Lady

Srixon Softfeel Lady Golf Ball
Srixon Softfeel Lady

Srixon’s claims it tuned the Soft Feel Lady to a woman’s swing. As discussed previously, this means Srixon engineered this golf ball for slower, more moderate swing speeds.

Higher launch off the tee allows for more carry from the 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, which is the same pattern used by Srixon’s PGA Tour professionals. The reduced drag from the dimple pattern becomes especially effective in windy conditions.

Golfers gain more control around the greens with the soft and thin ionomer cover, which provides ample spin for more control.

Soft Feel’s Energetic Gradient Growth Core is softer near the center and gradually becomes firmer around the perimeter.

At about $20, the Srixon Soft Feel Lady gets you improved performance at a decent cost.

Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity

At the higher end of the pricing spectrum for this topic, The Titleist Velocity provides an undeniably high-performance option at just under $30.

Titleist calls itself the number one ball in golf for a reason. That reason is unmatched research, development, and end product.

The Velocity draws on Titleist’s design elements for longer distance, higher flight, and iron stoppability on greens.

Higher performance aerodynamics start with the 350 Octahedral Dimple Pattern on the Fast NaZ+ cover.

A larger, higher speed LSX core delivers maximum velocity and distance with extremely low spin.

For aesthetics, the Velocity comes in white with matte options of pink, orange, and green.

Titleist Tour Soft

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball
Titleist Tour Soft

For around $35, you inch closer to the Pro V1 price and performance with the Titleist Tour Soft. Titleist engineered the Tour Soft for commanding distance off the tee with penetrating flight.

Tour Soft players also receive more responsiveness and a softer feel for improved short-game performance. More spin equals more control.

The 342 dimple design provides more penetrating ball flight and covers the largest Titleist core ever. That core gives this Titleist a higher speed off the tee and you more distance.

TaylorMade Kalea


TaylorMade provides golfers a fun yet technologically advanced ball with its Kalea line. At around $20, the 2-piece Kalea’s white, peach, and purple options provide high visibility and UV resistance.

The performance bolsters the look with a 342 Aero dimple design on a softer Iothane proprietary cover blend. Combine the ionomer cover with the softer, high-energy REACT proprietary core, you get a softer feel around the green with more distance off the tee.

TaylorMade designed this ball to increase distance with more lift making it one of the best golf balls for women.

TaylorMade Soft Response

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls

At around $25, you can reap the benefit of the research and development that resulted in the TaylorMade Soft Response.

After surveying thousands of golfers about their needs, TaylorMade geared the Soft Response for moderate swing speeds to gain dominant distance with a super-soft feel.

The result produces effortless compression from the Zn0 Flex Core. This low-, 35-compression Hi-Spring core delivers a softer feel while maximizing energy transfer and rebound at impact.

TaylorMade’s 3-layer, Soft Response holds the Speedmantle for better energy transfer.

The ionomer cover increases the green-side feel while maintaining scuff and shear resistance. Shallower U-shaped dimples decrease drag and increases lift with the Extended Flight Dimple pattern which produces lower spin rates.

Callaway Warbird


Callaway offers reliable options for golfers of all levels with the Warbird possessing a specific design for distance and maximum flight.

For less than $20, the Warbird delivers an extra-large, high-energy, highly-compressible core from this 2-piece ball for a long carry.

The high, fast flight keeps a consistent trajectory with HEX Aerodynamics, reducing drag and promoting high launch for increased speed, hang time, and distance.

Warbird users get more feel and control with the thin, high-sensory ionomer cover.

Choosing Your Ball

With most of the balls discussed here listing around $20, your choice doesn’t have to hinge on pricing. The low prices also give you the freedom to try more than one ball to arrive at the perfect solution for you.

As with many golf aspects, the right equipment has the unknown factor of simply feeling right on the course. The only way to discover that is to try different balls on the course.

Whether you choose your ball based on the engineering behind it or the color options available, the only thing that matters is how you score with it.

Your comfort level at address far exceeds any other factor. If you don’t feel comfortable standing over the ball, the odds of your shot flying true drop significantly.

The facts pointed to in this article gives you confidence that the balls listed will perform. The only factor left for you to translate is comfort level. Order a couple dozen of the best golf balls for women today, so you can be more prepared than ever for your next round.

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