Although the average golfer has only a few basic needs for their golf balls, seniors have slightly different needs. Virtually all older players are still concerned about achieving distance and accuracy even if they are not as energetic as they used to be. Using one of the 6 Six Best Golf Balls for Seniors might be the missing factor.

The leading advantage seniors have is that they understand the game and their abilities more. However, it’s still important to choose the right tools. Selecting the proper ball is just as important as having the right skills
Best Golf Balls for Seniors: Reviews First

In this buying guide, we provide you with a comparison of the six best golf balls for seniors. Each has been optimized for use by seniors!
Here is a quick look.

1. Srixon Q-Star Tour 2

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Ball
Srixon Q-Star Tour 2

These balls by Srixon are great options with a soft, thin urethane cover to give you a tour-caliber greenside spin for total control.

The balls feature a well made core for a smooth energy transfer that maximizes the distance and performance of every shot.

The balls feature a 338-aerodynamic speed dimple pattern to reduce drag and increase lift for maximum distance. This also helps in terms of stability and making the ball more weather/wind resistant.

The Srixon balls are an excellent choice for seniors, as they are excellent for a moderate swing speed. They will help you achieve straight and long shots.



  • It features a 338-aerodynamic speed dimple pattern to reduce drag and increase the distance
  • The ultra-thin soft urethane cover adds easy control
  • It has an energetic gradient growth core construction for high performance
  • It is an all-weather ball
  • Great for a moderate swing speed for straight and long shots


  • Some users complained that it was shorter with poor performance
  • Some users did not find them durable


2. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls
Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite is characterized by an aggressive core and response cover to create the right balance, helping to achieve distance and a good feel when hit. The responsive cover helps your low driver spin yet still allows for powerful acceleration.

It has proper rubber composition so that the core is 22% softer than the competition’s.

It uses “302 PhD aerodynamics” to improve flight path. The dimples are shallow to make it easily cut through the air, giving you a stable and penetrating ball flight.

It has a slide-pack made of plastic to give you durability.



  • Aggressive and responsive cover to give you both distance and feel
  • Offers low driver spin with powerful acceleration
  • Quality rubber composition that makes it soft
  • Shallow dimples cut through the air and achieve distance easily
  • It is durable


  • Some users found them to be hard
  • The ball surface gets scuffed easily


3. Callaway Warbird


Callaway Warbird’s pack of golf balls is characterized by HEX aerodynamics that aim to reduce drag and increase launch so that you can get high speeds and distance. 

The core has high energy potential and is extra large to make it highly compressible so that you get more distance, even with minimal swing speed. 

The ball has a thin ionomer cover to offer a satisfying feeling while you are playing.



  • Uses HEX aerodynamics to reduce drag and increase acceleration potential
  • Optimized for speed and distance
  • Has a high energy core with high compression so that you get distance with any swing speed
  • Its thin ionomer cover gives you a good feel


  • Some users complained they scuff easily


4. Callaway Supersoft


Callaway golf balls are soft, but made for precision and distance. The balls feature an ultra low compression core to provide you with fastball speeds and high accuracy.

They are characterized by optimized, low drag HEX aerodynamics to reduce drag while enhancing lift for a long carry and further maximum distance.

The balls have a soft trigonometry cover to give you low compression for a great feel and more greenside control.



  • Offers a soft feel
  • Straight and long-distance potential
  • Low compression for fast speeds and accuracy
  • Low drag HEX aerodynamics reduce drag and enhance distance


  • Some users found them to be too soft


5. Bridgestone e6 Lady

e6 Lady Golf Ball
e6 Lady

Bridgestone’s e6 Lady Golf Balls are made explicitly for consistency and those with a less powerful swing. The covers are made with aerodynamics technology that give you more distance. The balls have a delta dimple design to lessen air resistance so that you have straight shots.

The core offers low compression to give you a soft feel and low impact strike. The ball is optimized for moderate swing speeds, which is excellent for seniors.



  • Optimized for consistency and low impact use
  • The cover is made with an aerodynamic delta dimple design to reduce air resistance and give you a long straight shot
  • It has a low compression for a soft feeling and more distance
  • It is good for moderate swing speed


  • Some users found them to be too lightweight (but this is intentional)


6. Bridgestone e6

Bridgestone e6 golf ball
Bridgestone e6

The balls in this pack are similar to Bridgestone’s last offering: the major difference being that these balls are slightly heavier. However, they are still for a low spin that gives you a straight flight and long maximum distance.

The pack features low compression cores to provide you with high ball speed without sacrificing the soft feel. 

The cover is made with aerodynamic technology and a delta dimple design so that it can reduce air resistance for a high launch and straight shot.

The Bridgestone E6 is designed explicitly for moderate swings.



  • Optimized for a low driver and long spin for a straight flight and increased distance
  • Low compression cores for high ball speed 
  • The balls are soft and comfortable to hit
  • The cover has a delta dimple design to lighten air resistance
  • Ideal for moderate swing speeds


  • Some users complained that they noticed dirty marks on the balls upon arrival


Buyer’s Guide For The Best Golf Balls For Seniors

All the above are great options if you need the best golf ball for seniors. Here is a guide that differentiates the 6 Six Best Golf Balls for Seniors from the rest of available golf balls.

The ball with thin urethane ionomer cover: A thin cover is good as it helps the ball easily cut through the air, giving you better control. The Srixon Q-Star Tour has been specialized for that.

The ball with the best core: All the balls above have been made with a great core to give you a good spin and distance. This comes down to personal preference and we have included options that are optimized with high compression and low compression.

The ball with the best aerodynamics: A cover’s pattern influences how far a ball can go. In this case, the Srixon Q-Star Tour has the best-rated 338 aerodynamic design and is most optimized for distance and accuracy.

The ball with best construction: The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball has proper rubber chemistry that makes it soft but, at the same time, sturdy. It balances the needs of seniors with performance well.

The softest ball: Among the six, the softest ball is the Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls thanks to its ultra-low compression core and soft trigonometry cover that gives it a soft feel and minimal striking impact.

The most inexpensive ball: When we compare the costs, the cheapest is the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball that retails at only $18.98 (note that prices are subject to change).

Our overall recommendation: When we look at the six, our favorite is the Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls pack. It has excellent features like its optimized dimple pattern, cover, and core that gives seniors a pleasant experience.

Further Tips for the Best Golf Balls for Seniors

As a senior, you must know how to choose a golf ball that serves your needs well. Though the criteria for choosing a ball is not that different, softer balls that minimize impact forces without sacrificing too much in performance are ideal. 

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right golf ball.


When you age, your sight may become less sharp over time. That means tracking a ball on the course may be a challenge. So, you should opt for brightly colored balls that you won’t struggle to look for.


When it comes to golf balls, price does not always dictate the quality of the balls: the most expensive balls are not necessarily the best. However, you should still choose a ball based on your abilities, such as swing speed, distance, rather than the price. 

Many cost-effective balls will serve you perfectly if you choose wisely. 

Weather Conditions and Location

The location you are in and the golf course you frequent most will influence the kind of balls that will suit you best. for example, if you play on a soft course, you will need a long carry and more spin to have better control. If you live in a windy or coastal area, you need a ball that can cut through the wind. 


When you are looking for a ball, you will also need to check the dimples. Most balls with deep dimples have high compression, and that results in a smaller maximin distance. 

On the other hand, a shallow dimple will give you better air resistance, less spin, and more range. The best choice depends on your style, but most seniors work well with shallow dimples as their primary concern is distance.

Your Needs

When you are choosing a golf ball, you have to decide your priorities. Are you looking for distance, a soft feel, or accuracy?

Your swing speed will affect your distance, and hence you need to choose a ball accordingly. If you need more distance, you will have to go for a ball that spins less, such as one with a surlyn cover. A urethane cover may spin a lot but fail you when it comes to the distance.

If you have a medium swing speed, then a ball with a three-piece cover may be ideal as it can increase your spin.

Urethane covers are soft and not as firm as surlyn. A surlyn cover will give you a straighter shot as the sidespin is under control. Surlyn covers are also great when it comes to accuracy, but they are generally more expensive too.

Though surlyn covers may come across as better, urethane covers are better suited for seniors as they are soft and offer more spin on the green. Most seniors have moderate swings, so that makes these the best choice.


The key takeaway is this: your golf ball matters. The type of ball you use will have a profound effect on your game. So take the time to pick the right one for you and your game.

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